Hello world!

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My back is killing me, and my butt is numb. Blame it on the time spent learning how to set up my blog in WordPress. After 2 hours or so, I’ve finally managed to post this inaugural message! Pat on the back!

…more like “Massage my back please”…

After picking the kids up from school this afternoon, we headed off to the Blue Box for their biweekly ration of Swedish meatballs and french fries.. while Mummy played on the iPad 😉 if only there was wi-fi at the restaurant, then I’d be even more efficient! Yes, I’ve to clear my Inbox of nonsensical emails and check out latest activities on Facebook.

By the time we were done at my Mum’s place (about 15 mins drive away from the Blue Box depending on traffic situation) we arrived home around 3:30pm. Both kids knocked out in the car. And i mean DEEP SLEEP!

As one child fell flat on the floor in the living room continuing to ZZzzz, the other showered, shampooed and practiced guitar strumming with the iPad next to him. That was rather industrious of him to practice Smoke on the Water with a YouTube version to help him improve.

<GASP> it’s already 7pm!! Time to get my numb behind on the Health Walker while watching The Biggest Loser Australia on Hallmark.  Yes, as my domain name suggests, I live to eat…


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