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This was one dream we thought would happen, maybe, in five years’ time or so. At most, perhaps within 10 years… But early January 2012, we found ourselves planning to attend Big Bang’s Big Show 2012 in Seoul. Their comeback was one of the biggest anticipations in K-Pop world, especially after the challenging events they had undergone in 2011.

Wearing YG’s cap, I was even predicting as far as the inclusion of their soon-to-debut trainees at Big Show 2012, just as Big Bang had experienced when participating in Se7en’s concert before their debut in 2006.

Pseudo-YG here even predicted the possible concert dates taking into account their PROBABLE mini-album drop date. So, there I was in the living room stating “their album will be out sometime mid Feb earliest, & concert should happen in March”

Then, BAM! The announcement was made: Big Show 2012 was slated from March 2 – 4 @ Olympic Park, Seoul. Tickets are available EXCLUSIVELY in GMarket (that’s one episode that warrants its own post!)

Weren’t we just TALKING about the possibility of being immersed in the sea of yellow crowns going crazy with the rest of the VIPs?

Weren’t we JOKING around about being bundled up in the cold weather, walking around cool sights in Seoul?

Weren’t we LAUGHING about the insane possibility that WE MIGHT JUST DO THAT in 2012?!


Did we actually FLY all the way to Seoul to see Big Bang? … yes and no… somewhat…

More to come in next post!


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