Are We There Yet? – Part 1

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It was getting close to boarding time.

Looked around the departure hall, and it seemed that quite a few Koreans were headed home this time of the year. Or were they going back for Big Show 2012 too? Yeah, right! I don’t think the Ahjussi sitting in front of us who’s decked out in business attire with two huge plastic bags of flip flops (?!!) is racing back to Seoul for that purpose.

Anyway, we packed “bare minimum” stuff, hence the very light luggage we checked in, and had our travel plans down pat even before leaving the house! Arrival in Seoul: Mar 1, 6:30am @ Incheon. Did I have my essentials to keep me entertained during the 6-hour flight?

Stieg Larsson book remained UNREAD throughout this trip!>


I checked the 5-day weather forecast for Seoul: Average temp 5c in daytime. Ok, not too bad. Truthfully though, I had been checking Seoul’s weather forecast for the PAST MONTH before our actual departure! I was too excited about the dream trip that I even researched countless blogs & sites to plan our 4-day itinerary and prepared my own “guidebook”. So that was how the “Macbook Moleskine edition” was born.





Much to my surprise, our flight took off on schedule and after having our “international meal” our internal clocks kicked in and fell asleep most of the time. Unless you’re EXTREMELY tired or snugly covered in the Premier seats, you just CANNOT sleep throughout the entire flight. As the plane began gently descending, I saw abstract map of bright city lights below.


My goodness, we’re here! We’re in South Korea!! It was still dark out, still chilly, still quiet, but I was bursting with joy knowing that this vacation with my girl was going to be Unbelievably Priceless!

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