Day 2: Commercial Break

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Namsan by itself could be a day-long adventure park

Basement level: Gift shops, Nature Republic shop, Teddy Bear Museum, Restrooms 🙂

Sinsa Garosugil: Prettier during Spring. The most number of foreign cars I’ve seen in one location.
Don’t even get me started about Apgujeong/ Gangnam area!

Clothing @ Ground Floor. Fine Dining @ 1st Flr. Rooftop Garden @ Roof level.
Another second longer that Ahjussi would’ve shooed me away…

Hello, one of my faves!

Store for Grandmas with Deep Pockets? Or Store filled with chic clothes designed by Grandmas?


Parking is at a Premium here @ Sinsa Garosugil. That’s one heck of an expensive Ferris-Wheel parking bay 🙂

You forgot to get new socks to go with your new shoes? No sweat.
Just get a few from the Vending Machine

The first of many Se7en’s restaurants spotted during our walkathon…

Man! For a second I thought this store had something to do with stationery

Youk Shim Won’s store in the background houses unique designs: stationery & accessories. Some of their products are available @ Kyobo Book Stores.

Mug for Rabbit, Cork for Turtle? Seoul, why you so cute? 🙂


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