Paperways: Love You Forever!

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It was love at first sight in Melbourne, December 2010

Me and stationery go a long ways back ever since I received my first Hello Kitty pen knife at the age of seven. Wow, my mum had the confidence that I was able to handle sharpening my pencils with a pen knife. Since then, my love for cute (now progressed to funky/ retro/ edgy) stationery has never waned.

When I entered a nondescript eclectic store in Olinda, I came across the simply packaged box of sticky notes. The simple idea of re-using some of the retro paper prints as sticky notes was a stroke of genius. And I fell IN LOVE with Paperways.


Set of 8 sticky notes from Melbourne

Upon my return from Melbourne, I thought I would never set eyes on any Paperways products in my home country, but hey, what about acquiring them online? The gears in my brain propelled me to search for My Love and discovered that it was available via… I knew Paperways was born in Korea, and was not surprised to see that the online orders were tailored more for local purchase.

Alas! All is not lost, for I found them on FB too!! JOY TO THE WORLD!

One of the most unforgettable episodes in my life (ever) was winning their much-coveted 2012 Wall Calendar. How scarce was this product? Let’s just say there was MAD demand for it in Europe and Australia. It was like international VIPs clamoring for Big Bang to hold concerts in their respective countries!


Look what dropped by while I was out doing errands!




8-piece set of stickies were included too! OMO!!


Looks fab on my wall 🙂

I recently visited Seoul and looked forward to getting new additions to my Paperways collection. However, this brand is not as easily acquired in the country itself apart from the Duty Free shop/ Gift shop @ Namsan Tower. Not everything from Paperways was available for immediate purchase though, but I got some new additions to my PWay family:



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