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Holy double cheese macaroni! We’re standing at the freaking venue of Big Bang’s first 2012 Big Show @ Olympic Park! SPPPAAAAAZZZ!! This is SO Surreal!

It was a grey, drizzly (is that even a word?) Friday and our thoughts went out to the die-hard fans who probably queued in the merchandise line very very early morning at the venue. Have no idea how a big a crowd would do that, but when it comes to Big Bang, the gathering crowd could equal a small village.

A quick route confirmation on my trusted Seoul Metro app on my phone, and we reminded ourselves the main transit stations en route to Olympic Park:


This is one of the simplest yet USEFUL apps for travellers to Seoul.
Kamsahamnida, app designer/ developer 😀

From the Light Blue line where Myeong dong station sits near the upper left corner, we got off @ Dongdaemun to switch to the Purple line. There were quite a number of students in uniform travelling at that hour, and got me wondering what are the school hours like in Korea? It was quite a ride to our destination, and luckily there were seats available. For first-time visitors to Seoul Metro, be aware of the designated seats for the Orishins, Mothers-To-Be,… basically those who would need to sit more than you do. Yes, it is common courtesy (anywhere in the world) to give up your seat for them, but if you do purposely not give up your seat at THEIR designated area, be prepared to receive some indirect Jedi death stares. I’m just sayin…

Anyway, at Gangdong station, the Purple Line splits. Ottoke?

No worries. There’s a small screen above each doorway of the subway carriage, and it displays the names of the station it departed from and the next two stations ahead. Since it showed Gil-dong on the screen, we knew we had to get off and switch to the other that would lead us to Macheon. Ooh, we we’re getting close to the venue!


Oh heck. How would we know the direction to Olympic Park from the station? Clue: Just follow the black-attired VIPs who had yellow-crown hair bands and holding those signature yellow-crown lightsticks.

They were practically running up the escalators. We past the cafe on the right, made a quick turn to the left at the corner, and we came face to face with a broad walkway towards the venue.

A group of Japanese fans giggled excitedly as they swooshed past us, perhaps making a bee line for the merchandise queue.

Since we weren’t attending the concert (sigh) we took our time appreciating the banners that were hung from each lamp-post leading to the arena. Stopped at each post for a quick hello, and recorded the fan-girling sessions of both me and my girl.

Before even seeing the actual venue, we could hear Big Bang’s music blaring via huge speakers.


Right view from the bridge


This is what I call Organization!


A dedication to You-Know-Who of Soul to Sole 🙂


…a certain somebody’s bias…


The tents on the right are payment & merchandise pick-up booths.
The queue was TOO LONG to fit into a single frame… and the crowd did seem like a small village.

We were right.

The line to purchase merchandise was SUPER LONG. It was CRAA-ZEEE LONG! But it was amazing to feel the Love they had for Big Bang. It didn’t matter where you came from, or what language you spoke. As far as every VIP was concerned, we belonged to one awesome family who truly appreciated the music created by Big Bang (actually it’s sort of like a default that if you love Big Bang, you simply adored YG Family :D). There were areas for fans to play where they could win chances to take photos with life-sized cut-outs of Big Bang members, another corner where you could win souvenirs, and in the center was a giant screen where everyone could enjoy the previous Big Shows held at the same venue.

One day, we SHALL take part in the sea of yellow-crowns and sing ourselves hoarse.

Oh, is it lunch time already?

ImageFound a convenient store on our way back to the station and found our usual lunch fare 😀

And the ice-cream puff was bonus!Image



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