Day 4: So Long, Farewell, Anyeonghee gaseyo…

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Rain: What Big Hands You Have… 😀

The dreaded day finally came. We weren’t ready to leave our second home. We willed for even cooler temperatures so that we could at least say “yes, we froze our cheeks off while walking.” Alas, that was not meant to be. Why weather? Why? Korea experienced a cold snap the week before our arrival and the past days we’ve been here felt more like walking in a giant air-conditioned space! C’mon frigid winds from Siberia! Whoosh down on us like Today!

By 11.30am we headed to the front desk to check-out, and bought our bus tickets to Incheon Airport. I paused for a nano-second when I paid W10,000 each instead of the W14,000 fare for Incheon – Seoul trip. We still wanted to have a last walkabout in town before leaving for Incheon, so we left our luggage with the Info Counter staff on Ground Floor and took a leisurely tour of Myeong dong and Kyobo Book Store. Yup, we returned to Kyobo for DEFINITE BUYS to avoid regret when we reached home.

“What shall we have for lunch?” How about the cafe inside the book store? What about the cafes on street level? There were lots to choose from. We actually walked all the way back to Ibis, still not decided on our lunch venue. However, we finally came to a stop at:

 It was 1pm by the time we enjoyed our steaming hot drinks and warm muffins. Waitaminute… there was something important we needed to do – catch two major shows before flying back home:

  1. Running Man – BigBang edition (4:30pm)
  2. KPop Star – First LIVE show (5:30pm)

Mental calculation: Bus ride to Incheon would probably take 1.5 hrs or 2 at most. But we didn’t know how long to wait for the shuttle bus from Incheon to Best Western Incheon. Our flight was early morning next day, so we were staying one more night near Incheon to avoid possible melt-down of not reaching the Airport in time.

Yikes! We had to get on the next bus!

We took a different route back to Ibis from Starbucks and to my utter surprise, I actually found the hotel I originally wanted to book at – Metro Hotel.


One of Seoul’s Boutique Hotels: Metro Hotel

It wasn’t that far off from Ibis and was still a manageable walking distance to the Airport Bus Stop if you had to drag your luggage. Good to know 🙂 For more information about Metro Hotel, you can check its own site or TripAdvisor’s.

Would you believe our luck – the Airport Bus #6015 pulled over just as we were walking down the ramp of the hotel entrance. Hurry! Hurry! I showed my tickets to the Ahjussi bus driver to make sure we boarded the correct bus. This particular stop caters to buses #6001 and #6015.

Both have their respective stops at different hotels in the city. From Seoul, the former bus goes direct to Gimpo Airport, whereas the latter goes to Incheon. A couple of Japanese Ahjummas were clarifying with the bus driver, hoping he would make a stop at Gimpo (and they were waiting at the stop longer than we have).

Bus #6015 made many stops in town before finally making that long journey to Incheon. By the time we arrived it was past 3pm, and we had to take the elevator down to Arrival Hall level and walk to Gate 13 to wait for the Best Western Incheon Shuttle Bus. It was definitely a L-O-N-G walk from Gate 5 all the way to the LAST gate in Incheon Airport.


Holy Daddy Long Legs…


Dang. We just missed one. Gotta wait 20 minutes for the next ride.

By 4pm, we arrived at Best Western’s reception area, and we couldn’t wait to get into our room and STRETCH on the bed! I must say the front desk staff was friendly and helpful. Under 10 minutes, we were entering our rather spacious room (well, compared to Ibis…) and both of us Geronimo-ed onto the fluffy beds! BLISS!

Tip: if you have any left over ramyun noodle cups, you would save major $$$ on food. I mean Major $$$. Getting to watch our favorite shows before departing for home was filling enough 🙂

Seoul: We miss you like heck already  T_T


These shoes were made for kick-ass walking…


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