Fitzroy: Bohemian Beat

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One of  many beautiful graffiti artworks in Fitzroy

You could spend the entire day in Fitzroy. No kidding. If you’re into eclectic/ vintage interior furbishing, this is probably one of the best places to hunt for that one-of-a-kind treasure. Unless, of course, you have the time to visit Flea Markets held outside of the city. There were so many cool stores that I browsed in and can’t even keep score on which one had the most unique range. Because each of them held their own.


Constant feature in Melbourne: buildings steeped in history are preserved yet optimized for the present


The only place to get a customized Crumpler! Design one yourself!


Babushka Guards @ the playground…


Such detail  is just not kosher on skyscrapers…


One of Melbourne’s Historical Landmarks: Little Creatures Dining Hall


Beautiful Mosaic Artwork on the pavement


Put your feet up for a sec after a long walk in Fitzroy


It’s a beautiful day…

This is a different world altogether even though it’s only a few streets, about 3kms worth, from the city. Was about to use the term “downtown”, but I have not heard anyone using that term as Melbourne’s core. For an inspiration break, take a walk on the wild side in Fitzroy 🙂

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