Have Myki Will Travel

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My Constant Companion: The Tram 🙂

As with many vacationeers who visit friends living in other cities, we are the ones responsible for finding ways to explore the place because our hosts are at work most of the time. Or is this a rare occurrence?  My vacay in Melbourne was a rather long one, 7 weeks to be precise, and I had the LUXURY of making I sure I covered the places I had been dying to visit. Upon my friend’s suggestion, he drove into the city to help me get my new “Best Friend”: The Myki card.

At Southern Cross Station, I purchased and topped-up the Myki value immediately so that my solo adventures could begin. Plus, both pals were back at work anyways, so I was pretty much Solo throughout the weekdays.

The station itself was huge! Took the opportunity to check out the DFO at Southern Cross (yay TYPO had an outlet there!) and taking note of some landmarks:

 Platform 9 3/4? Nope, wrong station mate

Etihad Stadium in the background

Time to head off for some grocery shopping. Dinner @ home!

Pee-inducing driving in Melbourne!

View from the Crib: Dusk setting in

I miss this simple home-cooked meal   T_T

Camera? Check!
Hoodie? Check!
Water bottle? Check!
Foldable shopping bag? Check! (you never know what you’ll end up buying!)
Myki? Check!
Ready for adventure? You betcha!!

Go! Go! Go! 🙂


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