Day of Drools & Nosebleeds…

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One definite phenomenon that can render me speechless and continuously jaw-slacked is browsing through many cool designer booths during Art Market season. Regardless of continent (ie I’m talking about you, Melbourne and Seoul) I’m amazed how extremely excited I get with three words: Designer, Art, Market.

Oooh. Just got the heebeejeebies!


First up: Melbourne Designers Market @ Fed Square


Hey! I just remembered that there was ANOTHER designer’s market held at the same place within the same month. MarkIt was the other event that was held in the foyer (picture above) but unfortunately I was frothing and spazzing too much that I didn’t get to take any photos. Well, taking into account intellectual property rights, photography of said products were not allowed anyway.

So, MDM was held in the parking zone at the lower level. Following the sound of the funky beat, we meandered into the bowels of creative souls… prepare for nosebleeds…


Let the spazzing begin!


There’s even a java bar!


Stall signage: Print on cardboard. How simple is that?


The place was crowded. In fact, popular stalls were swarmed to the point that you couldn’t even walk through the aisle.

Second stop: Scandinavian Christmas Market @ St. George Street, Toorak.

The venue was actually a church within a residential area. And what a beautiful community too! The homes were postcard worthy and once we saw cars upon cars parked on both sides of the street, we could sniff our destination.

ImageVälkommen till den fantastiska Skandinaviska julmarknaden!
(a.k.a Welcome to the awesome Scandinavian christmas market!)… or something like that 🙂


Walking into the church grounds to ogle at the Scandinavian goodies


Wow! They even set up a “petting zoo” so that kids have their fun and parents can enjoy shopping.


Yup. This must be the outdoor version of Ikea’s Smaland 🙂


Oh my gosh! It IS Outdoor Ikea! Complete with the “i” counter and all! LOL!

This market was held over the weekend, and apparently most goods fly off the shelves on Day 1. Athens and I were looking for Made in Sweden clogs and to our immense happiness, there was a stall that sold clogs exclusively. However, the really COOL ones were out of stock so we settled with the practical black ones. There were many hand-made jewelry stalls, as well as bags and household deco items.

My wallet was burning (pretty much like when Voldemort messes around with Harry), and I began mumbling “nosebleed, nosebleed, nosebleed”

Even Kikki K had a stall there too! (Kikki K is an established stationery giant). Aargh! Decisions, decisions…



The enticing aroma lured us to the other end of the grounds. However, the line was waaaay tooo long and…


… the dining area became standing-zone only…



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