Outta Town 2: Cherry Pickin Time!

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What would Summer be without the tradition of cherry picking in the midst of hundreds of acres of… cherry trees? We weren’t sure if we had enough time left to drive to Cherry Hill from the city, but throwing all caution into the wind, we stopped by Coles for our picnic must-haves and bravely continued on!



Hmm… don’t think we packed any ponchos though… Those cumulonimbus look ominous

By the time we arrived at Cherry Hill, it was way past lunch time, and we had to figure out where the parking lot was. Tour buses took up a generous area, but where in hey were the tourists? Honestly, all I could see were buses, cars, cherry trees, hills in the horizon and blue skies.

Once we unloaded our lunch spread, we walked rather carefully on the soft red-soil track towards the registration counter… and met an interesting new find:


How cute is this?!

Armed with plastic bags in buckets, our guide took a short stroll with us explaining the types of cherries planted in the orchard and how to choose the right ones too. Since Victoria experienced an unexpected massive rainfall, it sort of messed up with the harvest schedule, and that meant there were HEAPS of RIPE cherries to be picked.

Victoria as in state, not the guide πŸ˜€

So our focus was to save the red blood cherries (not bright red) and dump them into our awaiting buckets!



“Five in the bucket, one in my mouth…”


After a back-breaking session that took an entire 45 minutes, we decided to locate the perfect spot for our late lunch break: Cheese, biscuits & dips. Bliss πŸ™‚ Thank goodness the weather held up… but there were suspenseful moments of a probable downpour.


Another half-hour or so, we picked enough cherries to open a stall on the sidewalk in the city!

YUMS! πŸ™‚



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