Fuyoh Baby! – Inspiring Art Bazaar for the Tired & Trodden

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Thank you God for making a group a people realize the need to have Art Bazaars in town. And brownie points too if they decide to annoint F.A.B as a staple event at the Very Happening PUBLIKA!!

YAY PUBLIKA!! (get up and do the shuffle people!)


Melbourne and Seoul definitely gave a big boost to my depleting creative juices. And I was extremely grateful for the location of Publika being on the fringes of the city – that meant avoiding the crazy-weekend traffic.


Did I hear someone ask what in hey is a “Fuyoh”? It’s a slang used to express one’s flabbergasted response to something or someone that’s totally AWESOME like OMG! or HOLY (insert rhyming word here), WHOA! or DAEBAK! (that’s for you Hangul-speaking friends).

Quick lesson for those Not in the know: It’s pronounced FU-yoh, not fu-YOH (unless there’s been a recent mutation of its usage within certain circumstances that I’m in the dark about).

Arrived by 10.30am (found a spot close to our favorite entryway – SWEET!) and we headed towards the escalators up to Ground Floor. This was the second F.A.B held at Publika, so we assumed it was going to be at the usual place again – The Art Row.

As we turned around upon reaching the designated floor, our eyes almost bugged out when we saw the number of stalls set up inside the concourse area. The number of participants this time around probably doubled! FUyoh!



Clusters of booths were set up indoors this time. Good move. Less sweat for us rabid shoppers ๐Ÿ™‚


So So So HAPPY to finally see Petit Paper at an Art Bazaar (left booth).ย  Xin, the Super Woman behind the brand, shared with us the crazy discounts on her yummylicious stationery just for that day.

Thanks to Petit Paper being at F.A.B, I’ve managed to add new additions to my collection of Japanese masking tapes:



My first babies direct from Japan courtesy of my mom who went on a crafting-stuff-only shopping spree near Tokyo



Thanks, mummy,ย  for these too! ๐Ÿ™‚


Fabric tape bought @ Pipit Zakka

ImageSmall notebook from Petit Paper

Inhale! Exhale! Gotta control the urge to basically buy the entire booth!

Reality resumed once I stepped away from Petit Paper’s stall, but was snagged again to the side when my apprentice gawked at Milly Milk Ville’s spot filled with hand crafted, vintage yet eccentric accessories reminiscent of Hongdae’s treasures.


ย Ninja Ring from Milly Milk Ville. Red leather ring from Hongdae โค

Seriously, gotta save $$$ for the NEXT Market (a.k.a. Little Red Market) which will kick off in two weeks’ time. YAY PUBLIKA!

Brimming with much happiness, we ended our “Soul Recharge” day with the nondescript-looking but decadent Ben’s Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream… YAY PUBLIKA!!



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