Getting pre-occupied with the Cute

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I’m experiencing a post-manic-video-production blues. It’s just weird to get ready for bed by 10:30pm.

Instead of twiddling fingers (or vegging in front of the TV/ Mac catching up on the latest KDramas) I’ve allowed my “crafty”-self take over my evening schedule.

Dug out my old (and forgotten boxes) and discovered stacks of good quality card stock! Ooh… where did I place my Sticky Ninjas?


Introducing, the limited edition, handmade wHutz4DinNer idea book 🙂


And it’s even “personalized” 😀


Took the next step in producing merch! LOL!!

First edition of the HaNi brooch

I cannot believe I undertook these projects at the same time (well it seemed simultaneous to me).

Don’t even get me started on the condition of my bedroom floor where these projects took place… If only I could clean everything up with a wave of my wand…

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