Yo, wHutzoB peeps!

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One of the cutest mergers in history has taken place.

The collaboration project between oBasan and wHutz4DinNer has evolved into wHutzoB – a new addition to the world of handmade goods made with heaps of love. I was pretty much in the Mariana Trenches operating at full-blown workshop mode (except for those short periods of back-to-reality intervals called meal times and sleep… and the occasional trips to the detoxification chamber 🙂 ).

Presenting a sneak preview of wHutzoB heroes:



First edition of wHutzoB card holders




wHutzoB passport covers




wHutzoB Hive Pouch (front view)



Hive Pouch (back view)


I’m still organizing the admin side of things… but somehow always gets distracted with churning out even more stuff.

Oh-oh… my eyes are darting back and forth between my Mac and the colorful heap of whatchamacallits in my multi-tiered sewing basket. The Force is strong on the latter side…




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