“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

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Our creative-docking spot πŸ™‚

It must be due to lack of sleep or something because I swear I thought the Designers Weekend @ MAP was this weekend. So off we went (with my Artistic Apprentice) and we were stumped for a bit at the entrance to White Box when some other poster was placed up front and center.

But hey! Just like what Forrest said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, coz you’ll never know what you’re gonna get”.

Sure indeed-dy as we decided to take a stroll to the less-visited areas in Publika. It was Sunday, the weather was unbelievably cool for a city in the humid tropics, and the crowd hasn’t filled up the establishment yet (perhaps due to fasting month?) but seeing a very enthusiastic and energized Zumba instructor on The Square was a sign of things to come πŸ™‚

The open class may be small (everyone can join in) but the full-on energy from that instructor was ah-may-zing!

Just as we were about to move indoors, we noticed the new addition to Ben’s outdoor dining section on The Square:

This definitely has become one of THE places to sate your gastronomic desires πŸ™‚

Inside the main concourse of Publika was a Photo Gallery that showcased Switzerland’s architectural uniqueness. Thank goodness there was hardly anyone around at the time because that allowed us to take our time appreciating the shots taken. This gallery is a visual response to the question “can sustainable development justify suburban living?” Brief descriptions of pictures shown are courtesy of Gallery organizers.

These are some of our favorites:

We get this all to ourselves (cackle, cackle)
Footbridge, Boudry 2002
Photo: Thomas Jantscher

Newly built between two river banks, the footbridge is an extension of the existing footpath and constitute a sinuous structure with a slatted screen wall that blends the whole sculpture into the surroundings.

Villa Vals, Vals 2009
SeARCH, Christian Muller
Photography: Iwan Baan

In the village of Vals, this holiday home offers an unconventional solution for landscape integration with a subterranean house that has minimal impact on the hillside and combines local building traditions and sustainable energy systems.

Seems Frodo Baggins is Movin’ On Up?

Seriously though, this is a really AWESOME holiday home! πŸ™‚

School, Visp 2009
bonnard woeffray
Photography: Hannes Henz

Well integrated into the confined neighborhood, the new school reinterprets the volume of the existing construction by designing a compact configuration with central distribution hall and transparent partitions enabling classes to benefit from colorful light.

Man, if schools were like this WAAAAY BACK when I was a student, I’d be spitting out As like there’s no tomorrow! I mean, how can you just NOT be Inspired to Be All that You Can Be in such environment?

Vacheron Constantin Headquarters, Geneva 2005
Bernard Tschumi Architects
Photography: Yves Andre

In order to symbolize the watch manufacturer’s image, the project presents a shiny metal sheet that wraps the building’s structure and creates spatial continuity, whilst wooden membrane envelopes the wide transparent volumes.

Apartment building
Paul-Clairmontstrasse, Zurich 2006
Patrick Gmur/ Jakob Steib
Photographer: Roger Frei

This housing project offers spacious apartments with generous loggias in a large and compact structural volume characterized by its exemplary interaction with the urban surroundings thanks to its scaled and stepped development.

If we hadn’t accidentally dropped by our favorite jaunt today, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to feast our eyes on such wicked gorgeousness. Worry not, I’ve made sure to WRITE DOWN the correct date where I can SEE it!

Oh yes! Olympics will be on too!

What to expect at Designers Weekend?

It is a showcase of superb craftsmanship by 13 professional Japanese creators who live ingenious lives. This team, also known as DESIGN HEART, aims to enable creative and innovative lifestyle via sincere and passionate designs – http://www.designheart.net/


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