A Place to Go “Aahhh…”

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I am SO GRATEFUL for the chance to get my hands on something that I’ve been pining for!

Living in the tropics, I favor wearing sandals/ flip flops (“thongs” might conjure a major departure in terms of function!) and I was SO ECSTATIC about a special sale on FitFlops. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out BIG TIME on blissful feet comfort. They are SO Comfortable I feel like I can walk all the way to Seoul in them!

Today was the first day of FitFlop sale at Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre. Not only was I excited about the $$$ savings on my new “Babies” but also because of the location.

Beautiful Bones

Being in hot & humid weather, these buildings were thoughtfully designed using materials such as raw brick, concrete, steel and glass. The architects kept the integrity of said materials as their finished product too. There was no need to paint or glaze or spend a fortune on teams of window washers.

This structure screamed Organic with A Purpose! Together with well-designed landscapes and dramatic sense of scale throughout the interior, it is no surprise that PJ Trade Centre won the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) 2010 top award (Award of Excellence).


Perforated deck – thrilling walk for those with vertigo? πŸ™‚
Beckoning nature closer…
Foyer – Poetry in Stillness
One of the many spots to enjoy the strong breeze..
Take ten steps from the lobby into the “forest” to enjoy your lunch break

The other side of the Foyer – quiet respite, unless you’re in a company of rambunctious buddies
Prose on Nature+Space+Volume = Bliss
This is NOT a sight test…

With so much inspiring awesomeness, I wouldn’t mind turning one of the office lofts into residential space myself! Besides, it’s only a 10-minute drive to the other Creative-Docking Realm a.k.a Publika from here!

I wonder if Yasmin would’ve loved her own space here…


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