Thou should see this “Live”

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Excited out of my mind about this show!

Purely by chance, I came across a short article about Tao, a troupe of Japanese drummers, who will be in town for only two days performing three shows. All I knew about this group was they were formed in 1993 and these extremely disciplined artists live in seclusion (no hand phones either) to ensure total dedication to improving their art and skills. We’re talking about waking up at 5am, run 20kms, do 200 sit-ups and 200 push-ups.

In a day.

Every single day.

Holy Zeus of Olympic Champions!
And they don’t even get medals for what they do on stage.

We arrived at the venue 2 hours before showtime to get our tickets, so we headed towards the nearest mall to kill time…

Late evening stroll to the Petronas Twin Towers
On the fringes of KLCC park
Aaah! The Mall in sight! Need to cool down ASAP!


Do not let the title “The Art of Drum” show set your expectations to just percussion-like performances. To our utter delight, we were treated to breath-taking choreography which included elements from martial arts, comedy and gymnastics.


They look like heroes about to go into the battlefield!

We caught their last show in KL last night, and they will be flying to Cebu next.

However, do keep your eyes and ears open for their possible performance in a city near you.

You will be spellbound ->


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