“Hogwarts via MBS Alley sans Nimbus 2012”

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We’ve safely arrived at the venue for our Main Event of the day, but since that Event only kicks off at 1900 hrs, we had made plans to visit the “School of Magick” currently on its final run at the ArtScience Museum.

Just a few minutes’ walk away, we proceeded to the Muggle-preferred mode of transportation:

From Stadium to Bayfront
Taking the long way down to the eerily calm Platform Stadium..

This was probably one of the longest escalators we’ve ever rode on in a subway. I can recall seeing yet another even LONGER one in Marina Bay Sands…

The area was uncharacteristically calm and silent. It was still rather early for a Saturday morning and we were grateful we didn’t have to jostle for seats in an otherwise crowded vessel.

It took only three stops from Stadium to Bayfront where we alighted and meandered through the labyrinth, keeping a sharp lookout for the tell-tale signs of Hedwig and the direction to the ArtScience Museum.


Eyes on Hedwig…


The last time we visited Singapore, Marina Bay Sands was still under construction. What a difference a year makes! This new landmark itself warrants its own Tour program just so visitors can fully appreciate the breadth and depth of this amazing place.

We were basically putting one foot in front of the other letting our Jedi force to guide us on the right path, eyes scanning the entire vista while occasionally remembering to pick up our jaws that were dragging on the polished floors. Enjoy some of the quirky scenes we stumbled upon en route to ArtScience Museum 🙂


The Oculus @ MBS

How long did it take you to find the display? 🙂

TWG on H2O

First reaction: How posh looking is this DVD/CD store?! They even serve desserts! But upon closer inspection, they are two separate stores!

Ahh… all this ogling is a thirsty job, especially when there’s just SO MANY visual treats within MBS. Time to scout for some libation relief ASAP!

Unbeknownst to me, a happy reunion with one of my “korean babies”was going to take place in Cold Storage 🙂
Annyeong haseyo chinggu!! Pogoshi possoyo! xox!! This was my saviour during my Seoul vacay with Apprentice. I can’t sniff out even ONE in KL!
WHAT THE -? They even have these in their Food Court?!! AAARGH!! Gotta ship back a carton of these YumYums!!
Off to the Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum!

On this piazza, one can spend time soaking in the inspiring vibe of the Singapore skyline, and of course its latest Jewel in the Crown…

The Fullerton and the Loyal Merlion by its side…
The Singapore Flyer winking in the background


ArtScience Museum @ Marina Bay Sands


The Esplanade – Epicenter of Cultural Evolution

A quick reminder from Q had me brisk-walk from the opposite side of the piazza to the entrance of ArtScience Museum. The HP exhibition only allowed timed-groups to enter its premises as a means to control the crowd. As expected photography is strictly prohibited within the exhibit (would you believe there are MANY Pairs of Eyes in the shadows that detect even the most CONSPICUOUS photo-op?)… RIDDIKULOUS!

While waiting for our group to form, we could literally feel the magic seeping into our bones. We were all like First Years queuing at the Main Entrance before making our way into the Great Hall for the House Sorting ritual.

From “The Philosopher’s Stone”…


Harry, Ron and Hermione welcoming us into their world while we wait in line for a photo op in either Gryffindor or Slytherin House colors…


And from this point onwards: No Photography Allowed, You Muggles.

We were ushered into a small holding area where a “Professor McGonnagall” welcomed us to the Sorting Hat ritual, “Alright, everybody gather round! Step closer to the stage. We have to sort you into your proper houses before entering the Hall!”. Complete in cockney accent and all. It would’ve been AWESOME if the Hat was actually animated while she held it over ones’ head, but alas that’s all CG people!

The Exhibition showcased props used by the different characters in the Harry Potter series. Taking in the details of Just One Character (ie the accoutrement, wands, etc) one would understand the number of people required Behind The Scenes just to prepare every single item used/ unused in the movies. Just like LOTR where they had Village of Specialists broken down into Team Elves, Team Orcs and so forth.

I especially appreciated the prop details of the Hogwarts’ Faculty (Prof McGonnagall is rather petite!). Prof Snape’s usual dark sartorial options was actually Navy/ Dark Blue! I didn’t know that!

The Quidditch section was rather cool as we get to see the uniforms worn by different teams and even the complete Quidditch Chest of Required Items. However, the Nimbus broomsticks looked suspiciously “plasticky”. Alas, the Magic of Movie-making… At first it was rather cute but the constant squeals and high-pitched shrieks of the Mandrakes nursery was  soon piercing through my eardrums!

Harry Potter the Exhibition offered self-guided tour (with added $$$ of course) so you get to enjoy a whole lot more information about EVERY SINGLE ITEM on display.

The Merchandise shop was of course the Grand Finale of the exhibit and By Golly! I felt like I was in Mr Ollivander’s shop with the crowd going crazy over wands. Yes, the Elder Wand was Really Cool. And the wands have heft too (to my surprise). I was more excited about the House memorabilia where you can purchase hoodies/ shirts/ ties/ scarves to your heart’s content. There were copies of the Marauder’s Map too, however, unless we can snap our fingers for CG to work in Our World, it was just another piece of interesting parchment…

Don’t get me started about whether we’re living in the The Matrix or otherwise.




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