The Happiest Place on this side of the Peninsula! Part Un

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Land of Kaleidoscopic Fun πŸ™‚


It has been more than three years in the making, and on Sept 15th 2012, Legoland Malaysia officially opened its colorful gates to fans of all ages. As with many newly-developed areas in this country, the saplings provided not much relief against the scorching sun and sweltering heat. But did that deter the crowd from running through the gates with excitement?

Heck NO! πŸ™‚

For all of us who grew up with the simple primary-colored building blocks, seeing the Legoland sign in the horizon would magically bring out the five-year-old in us. My first experience with Lego was when I received my first box of multi-sized and multi-coloured blocks for the “Intermediate level” as a reward for doing well in exams. Back then, there were no special editions like LOTR, Pirates, Indiana Jones, City or Star Wars. They started off humbly as just building blocks, but it allowed young minds to unleash their creativity.

This theme park still has a few more construction projects to complete (ie the Legoland Hotel and the Water Theme Park) so by 2014, this area will experience an even bigger crowd. So, Legoland Malaysia, please prepare whatever else that needs to be done to avoid chaos and disappointment πŸ™‚

The crowd is queuing to sign up for the Annual Pass. Day pass queue is at the right most… Clearer signage would’ve been helpful to guide visitors to the correct lanes πŸ™‚


While Q was in the Q (tee hee :D!!) we soaked in the fun that was already on display at the Main Entrance zone:

On Your Marks…
A must-have accessory here… the Shades I mean…
Work is never done!
Get set…


The moment we entered Legoland The Dream Park, my eyes scanned allover, taking in the bright-coloured bricks, the landscape, the MERCHANDISE SHOPS… In short, I nearly sprained my eyeballs.

Toys! Toys! Toys!… oh yes, need some SUNBLOCK SPF100 too!!
I shall come see you once I’m done with the rest of the Park! This is the only spot where you can build your own Lego figure from scratch πŸ™‚


By the time we sorted out our must have gears (hat, shades, sunblock), we seriously thought about leaving our bags in the Locker Room. It would be cumbersome to lug around extra weight in the huge park especially under extreme heat and humidity. We went into the Locker Room anyway, just so we could cool ourselves down while slopping on SPF100 on our exposed skin…

This is where you pay your Locker rental

Being sadists, we decided to carry our bags with us anyway (ie we knew we’d have a designated Keeper of the Bags at the hair-raising rides) TEE HEE!! We actually went into the Merchandise stores before anything else. The Reason (or Excuse?) was to check out what the goodies were so we could put aside a numerical number to spend with at the end of the day. The kids were blown away by the range of Star Wars and Harry Potter lego while I drooled over the Architecture series… these babies are not easily found in retail stores… breathe in, breathe out…

Ok Peeps! We’ve gotta head out and have some FUN in the Sun!

We took the anti-clockwise route in the park and saw our first thrilling ride in the horizon. Or rather heard the ear-splitting screams in the air…

Some friends we come across on our way to Project X Test Site… (this guy has motion sensor eyes by the way so don’t be surprised to hear his heartwarming greeting!)
Catch of the Day!
What’s your Art Teacher doin’ here?

Ahh! I can hear the screams even louder now… and my excitement grows as I watch each car bring terrified joy to its passengers πŸ™‚ Welcome to the unassuming Project X ride:


Project X ride seemed compact. Seemed under-the-top kind of ride largely due to the short drop and the three “U-Turns” segment at the opposite end. Not much to shout about. However, Keeper of The Bags sat one the benches while the three of us lined up for this “tame” ride…

Looks can be deceiving…
Let the shrieking begin…
This is when your heart rate goes sky high and you KNOW you’ve gotta face what’s coming next…
THIS IS IT! Our ride has arrived… along with its Survivors…

My last Major, Six-Flags-Level ride was at Six Flags Los Angeles in 1995.

‘Nuff said.

Being strapped and securely in place in the second row, my hear thumps in anticipation… and fear. Q & my brave Apprentice were in the front row. Our car jolted into its familiar routine with the three of us gripping onto the safety bar for dear life! As it chugs upwards towards the blue sky and cottony white clouds, reality set in “Oh my God… what have I done? Can’t get out now…” And I can see the precipice of that oh-so-innocently-short-drop round the corner…

It ain’t so innocent from the TOP, people!! AAAAAAAGGHHHHH!!!

The drop wasn’t as long as the one at Jurassic Park the Ride @ Universal Studios, but HOLY MOTHER%&#*!!
Just when I thought the anguish was over, our car entered the series of “U-Turns” – O.M.G!

I felt like we were going to be thrown out with the G-forces we experienced 3 TIMES!!!

The trailer of my life was about to kick in when I realized our car has ventured into the “tamer” section of the course. Oh Thank GOD!! This ride was DECEPTIVELY innocent and was glad it was over. Apprentice probably had the shock of her life as this was her first REAL heart-in-your-throat-ride, but thankfully Daddy dearest was with her.

With wobbly legs, we waddled out of Project X site with big grins on our faces and scurried off to the nearest “tame” ride. This is where Keeper of the Bags relinquished his duties to Q and joined us for kiddie-rated water fun:

Ahoy there matey!
G-forces at work again. The further you extend out, the “hairier” the ride can get πŸ™‚
Watch out for the peripheral bombs!

What I love about Legoland is how they’ve designed each area with different age groups in mind. In this section alone they have that thrill-out-of-your-kidneys ride in Project X test site, there’s the equally thrilling-but-not-so-much-crying ride like the one above, and there’s the Disney-esque Twirling Cup ride for parents and toddlers. So whichever segment of the park you enter, everyone in the family gets to enjoy some Lego-love πŸ™‚

One of the cool features of this ride is that bystanders get to add in fun by creating “water bombs”. There are posts with big red buttons placed sporadically around this ride. Once the pressure is just right, a single thump on the shiny button can drench unsuspecting riders who are already preoccupied with maintaining composure on their crafts.

This ride certainly confirms the need to have A WATER THEMED park here!

Port-A-Dryer.. extremely handy for parents of kids who turn the fountain-wading area into their personal poolside party πŸ™‚
Moving forward to the next section…
Au Revoir Technic…
Amazing journey to be continued… πŸ™‚


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