The Happiest Place on this side of The Peninsula! Part Deux

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FOOD! We need food pronto!

Perhaps it was God’s way of saying we had spent enough solid hours in the heat and humidity by sending ominous Cumulus Nimbuses to Legoland by late afternoon. Since we were snapping away near the fringes of Miniland, we scurried past Pirates of the Carribean and headed towards the nearest fuel station for the human kind πŸ™‚

Instead of perusing the menu, I was entranced by the interior of Market Restaurant:

Cheflings running around getting food prepped πŸ™‚

Q reminded me of our primary objective being inside a restaurant. That snapped me out of my Lego-stalker-razi mode and searched for a table for the brood. Ohmygosh I just realized I DID NOT take any photos of our grub here! What a blesphemy!! Trust me, they looked really yummy. Price was reasonable for the portions given. And I was in bliss-mode chowing down my warm Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream on the side.

Hey! Who sez dessert can’t be lunch?! πŸ˜€


Did someone order a Chef-To-Go?

Anyways, we licked our plates clean within half hour and proceeded with our adventure… However, Q had to make a quick stop at the Gents’ before we continued on.

Fantastic! That meant more photo op for Apprentice and I within the nearby sections!!
Actually, I amaze myself with the amount of coverage I could make within seven minutes! Tee Hee!


Play-area for Tiny Tykes…


For the bigger tykes and “Big Tykes”. See “Jaws” photo op in the corner? πŸ™‚


No escaping queues at most rides in Legoland


Such a cool Driving School!


Oh-oh… this is what happens when you don’t drive safely kids…


Parents happily watch their kids learn Road Safety from the sidelines. The Stig seems glad to relinquish his test drive stints to his buddy too πŸ™‚


Teams of 8 kids (or more, not too sure) assigned to Blue, Red, Yellow cars were taught Road Safety by A Guide and they were given tasks to complete as a group within a certain time limit . As everyone make it to the finish line, parents and staff alike reward them with big cheers and high-fives.

Uh-uh. I think I heard Q shouting for me 50 meters away! SCCrra-AmmmBBLE –

We knew where our ultimate pit-stop would be (clue: follow the terrifying screams), so we took a leisurely pace enjoying the adorable details put together painstakingly by the Design & Development Team:

Theatre for activities designed for kids to participate


Train Station – Queue here to board the train that allows you to enjoy Legoland Kingdom


Love the Fountain! ^^


He’s not a senior student from Hogswart offering you magical popcorn.. πŸ™‚


If I had one of those, I’d own one of the SWAGgest rides in town!


For the Pilot-wannabes…


Do you have check-in luggage?


Farewell LegoCity…
Did Indiana Jones just zoom past me?
Those tykes sure get one of the coolest places to release their hyper energy
…ah, to be five again…
These gals took FOREVER to leave… then again, we get the sense of Scale and effort that went into this piece of art…


Want a ride to your next stop?


This ride was under Maintenance 😦 oh well, we’ll just HAVE to come back when the Water Theme park is up and running πŸ˜€


Watch out for the lady in the bushes… πŸ™‚


Lego Tower in the background. Very LONG queue… ’nuff said.


Lego Duplo!


Cool ride for everybody – Learn physics the fun way!


Can we go in there? We need to COOL DOWN!


YES! We can hear SCREAMS! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!! FYI Royal Joust is a tame kiddie-ride. Note the curving lines in the background πŸ™‚


It was tacit understanding that the Keeper of the Bags shall resume his duty again. Once he was nicely settled in the nearby seating area with ceiling fans, the three of us made our way to the Ride of The Day! Woo Hoo!!

Thank god the queue was rather short too! Double Woo Hoo!!


…yet another merch store… more Harry Potter series available here…




Enter the Dragon… seems eerily calm…


It’s the moment when your heart jumps to your throat and your lungs feel constricted… AaaArrRRRgggGHhh!


As if that scene did not scare us off, we just shrugged and marched into the castle to wait patiently for our turn.
I mean, we already took that pee-inducing Project X ride.

What could scare us off ? Amirite?

This time Apprentice sat next to me in our cubicle and sportingly clapped along with the rest of the waiting group and attendants as we were strapped in.
Moment of truth. No escape. The ride jolts into action…

And my pulse went sky high.

Oh noes… we were still at Ground Zero for heaven’s sake!

We ride past a bar-room tableau before exiting the castle. Functioning lights would be good folks because I had to squint to see what was placed there. And then without warning…


We dipped down in the darkness (That was SCARILY Unexpected!) and outwards into the light… moving closer to the inevitable ride to the top… WHAT IN HECK WAS I THINKING??! LEMME OUT!!

Apprentice closed her eyes and had a death grip on my right hand.. I’m getting too old for another Adrenalin rush within one day! Up, up, up…. Breathe in…


Swooshed down like lightning from what seemed to be 10 storeys high… entered a spiral and then… I laughed like mad.
I found that laughing at the speed of a drag race calmed my ragged nerves somewhat. Very weird.

It was a longer ride compared to Project X, but somehow the former was surprisingly more Kidney-dropping compared to The Dragon. Perhaps seeing The Dragon in its usual Roller-Coasting splendor fired-off my expectations for such a ride (as opposed to the seemingly nondescript and compact structure of Project X’s ride).

Omigawd. I survived The Dragon. All’s good…

I’m getting too old for this… but young enough to go crazy at the Merch Store πŸ™‚


Farvel! Till we return in 2014 for the Water Theme Park πŸ™‚

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