Tricked Than Treated…

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Apprentice and I woke up early on Sunday with eagerness to see what our Creative Dock a.k.a Publika would have painted their space with in the name of Halloween. I envisioned Tim Burton’s child-like ghoulish take on cute morbidity or something of kin.

Would there be interesting non-standard Jack O’ Lanterns lining across the Piazza or within the Concourse? And let’s not forget the monthly convergence of wickedly creative people of Fuyoh Art Bazaar!

Alas, the one and ONLY Halloween-ish section in Publika was:

Halloween Represent!

Along with TotemHallow were the misfits standing at ease along the side aisles:




The participating artists at F.A.B were encouraged to live the Halloween spirit by donning such sartorial accessories too. Alas, the witch and warlock vibe was not strong At All and our immediate response to this was a resounding “Publika can do better than this!”

I loved the proprietors near right bottom corner tho… Almost Wild Wild West 🙂



I remember seeing past year’s Halloween installation in another Major Retail Establishment, and within a space of 70m x 20m, they managed to pull off a Fantastic Asian-Inspired Halloween Town – complete with wooden shacks with thatched roofs and multitude of paper lanterns strewn across the “sky”. Bamboos were placed strategically to create the illusion of a ghostly village.

It was such a hit that visitors were spell-bound by the details that spoke of the previous villagers’ lifestyle which were translated into forms of Halloween-themed games.

And Dang It, I didn’t take pictures of this jaw-dropping tableau.



I am no fan of leaving my beloved Publika with such despondency, and I Thank God for this sliver of wit that managed to put a tiny smile on my face:

… and the papayas are just trollin’…

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