I Love F.A.T :)

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This is probably one of the BEST acronyms I’ve come across to describe an event πŸ™‚ It can even be a screening process for admission into a “cultish” party – “Are you Fashionably Artistic with discerning Taste?” hee hee!

Apprentice and I made a quick pit stop@ Publika over the weekend as F.A.T was the main feature that ran from Friday till Monday. Special mini events were planned since Friday (hmmm, I missed that Looong lunch which was set up on the Runway) and a fashion show on the concourse was Sunday’s Hero.

Alas, we could only stay for a couple of hours at Publika due to an impending wedding lunch we had to attend on the same day.

Of course Fuyoh Art Bazaar was also in full swing at the same time, but their area seemed a tad smaller due to other multiple events that were featured in Publika…

Blitzen in the Hood (Rudolf is too busy being a celeb reindeer elsewhere)
This booth was set up for Food Fest event @ Publika prior to F.A.T… ain’t it cute? The “Potong” refers to a traditional version of ice-cream on a stick πŸ™‚
Earlier addition to Fashion event @ Publika


Sweet Pea-Pops


Queen Amidala paid Mad Max a visit…


A few new “pop-up” shops set up business on concourse level too. I look forward to seeing such stores on this level because they are only in Publika for 2-3 months, hence their set ups have to be cost effective yet attractive enough to pull in curious visitors such as myself πŸ™‚


What in the hey could that be made out of?
Paper Cups!

Till the next inspirational break @ Publika… you’d better kick @$$ with Christmas set up, and not repeat that dinky Halloween play area…



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