The Hunt for Red December

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“Jangan Baca” literally means “Don’t Read” in Malay. But you just can’t help but read the rest of it πŸ™‚

‘Twas the weekend before the last F.A.B at Publika in 2012.

Apprentice and I decided to drop by just for the sake of soaking in the “arty mojo” for a much needed spiritual respite. We’ve yet to locate another docking area for such purposes in town, but once we find one, we shall gladly share with the rest of the spiritually tired, hungry and poor πŸ™‚

Speaking of hungry, Apprentice was bordering on crying-my-eyes-out hungry the moment we stepped into the establishment. She had her braces adjusted recently and this time it restricted her chewing capabilities, hence liquid diet for 1.5 days. As a safe transition into minimal chewing mode, we ordered this as her entree:

Ho Ho Ho! One of the most sinfully decadent creations in the world, Ben’s Chocolate kahuna with Vanilla ice cream on the side… for me, the nondescript Vanilla Square still tops the list πŸ™‚

Of course there were all sorts of activities buzzing around Publika, yet I had to patiently wait for my lunch (which arrived waaaaay after Apprentice had finished devouring hers)..

Guilt-free Grilled Portobello Burger (fries went to U-Know-Who just as an extension of the chom-chom test)
Hot Dog stand being prepped to cater to the growing crowd…

Just as I was digging into my lunch, I caught a glimpse of a few StormTroopers near the stage area. Whutzgoinon? Passersby began to converge to the spectacle and whipping out their smartphones and DSLRs, frantically angling for clear shots of the Men in White. And here I was, chomping my salad while shifting my head right and left to maintain visual contact of the aforementioned spectacle.


It was all for a good cause really:

Donate an amount for a photo session with the StormTroopers… but they marched on deep into the mall by the time we made our way to the events epicentre…

Several stalls were set up for proprietors of edgy sartorial items and several “canvas stations” were erected for the budding street artists. All I can say is I should have put on face masks as I meandered into their space where a barrage of spray cans blazed from all directions.


Covered in tin foil and mirror shards
Yasmin Ahmad Charity Bazaar for Mercy Malaysia…

After realizing the amount of sprayed chemicals we inhaled, Apprentice and I headed indoors hoping to find the StormTroopers, but more importantly to check out their Christmas set-up… Once we walked in, our Jedi senses relayed the probability that we arrived before Kris Kringle was visually and effectively announced in Publika…

Rudolph posing prettily…
Arrival of Christmas in Publika… perhaps Red December is lurking in the Laurentian Abyss, waiting for the cue to surface and Ka-Baaam us with its awesomeness… -_-

However, with Christmas being less than 2 weeks away, I can’t see how much more oomph they can create within the mall, especially having many events lined up till the end of the year. Other retail outlets in the Valley unleashed their Christmas magic in early December, some even late November.

Right now I’m feeling a wee bit befuddled at the underwhelming response with Publika’s holiday theme set-ups. Of all the major malls in Kuala Lumpur, this is THE Current Hottest Creative Hub in the city.

Dear Publika, you are still my Second Home in the city, but please do not take set-ups lightly folks. Yes, they definitely take up a Big Bite out of your budget. Yes, these are Seasonal projects.Β  The joy and sense of wonder you give to your patrons: Priceless.

So, inject out-of-the-box creativity with restricted moolah. Be the pioneer in such movement and carve your niche in pushing the inspiration envelope.

Wishing you a very Merry, Joyful Christmas. Create beautiful memories with Loved Ones. Stay Well. Be Safe πŸ™‚

Peace out.


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