300+cal Day Out

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It’s the penultimate weekend of 2012 and we made some serious dessert-munching plans 😀

Well, not really serious-munching proportions, but big enough to warrant an early morning hike at the nearby hills to prepare our bodies for massive glucose intake later (tee hee!). To my surprise, Apprentice (who is almost always awake from 1300hrs or later during school holidays) actually entered the bathroom at 0645hrs to prepare for the morning hike.
Oh. Em. Gee!!

It was my first time hiking in the hilly park, and I certainly didn’t expect the long incline into the area. And that was just walking from the car park zone to the park’s main entrance. Hell-Oh! Five minutes into steep hiking (well, for me it was steep) my face was covered in sweat and memories of hiking up the seemingly innocent trail from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes in Banff wearing sandals came flashing back. Oh no, no, no…

After investing 40 minutes in major hiking, it was time to head back and scrub off the grime so that we could enjoy the highlight of the day 🙂

First stop: Butter + Beans at Seventeen…

Bliss in a tiny space…

Butter + Beans opens from 8:30am-8:30pm, but starting from Dec 24, the place closes an hour later than usual. Although the spot is tiny, I could see the immense love and passion the owners have poured into this establishment. And one of the best introductions to this shop is to follow the heavenly scent of freshly baked pastries 🙂 yum yum!

Outdoor seating
Space is premium, so every centimeter counts!
Our table for two is just next to the counter, another table behind apprentice, and window seating to the side.
View from my seat. Love those subway tiles… and lighting solution… and the spray-painted stainless steel Grundtal rails 🙂 I just LOVE seeing creative solutions
Lovely cuppas of Cappuccino and Mocha on a Sunday morning…
Blueberry and Peach Danish on a white platter, waiting to be devoured albeit politely 🙂
Water to quench your thirst. I love the fact that they gave love to the humble water jug as well (they could’ve used the normal plastic bottles/ tumblers). Love! Love! Love!

Jimmy and Neil, (I hope I got your names right!) thanks for your super service. We enjoyed our first visit, and we’re sure of many more future visits… perhaps with more friends in tow 😉 Thanks to Bok Tjuv for their B+B@17 “shout out”!

There was another unique gastronomic stop within the same block as Butter + Beans, so we decided to drop by to check the menu (and place) out…

Second stop: Food Foundry


“Dessert Wing” – Did not plan to eat anything here, until I walked to the chiller just to see their creations…
Folks, meet Vanilla Mille Crepe… a possible distant cousin of the notorious Vanilla Square in Melbourne… don’t think that morning hike was enough!



“Main Dining Wing” – love their use of adjustable work lamps in many areas of their restaurant

We have found new “caw-fee” spots in our neck of the woods!


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