Enter the Sssnake

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I look forward to sleeping in on Sundays, especially when greyish skies greet me first through the window, promising a lovely rainy spell. Alas, I had to drag my sleepy self out of my cozy bed (and drag Q’s sleepy self by default too) and pick up my new Identity Card at the National Registration Department of Malaysia.

However! My pick up point was only a stone’s throw away from Publika!


Thank goodness it took less than half an hour at the Registration Department and within minutes, we were making our way to B.I.G grocers for a decadently “healthy” breakfast :q

Yum yum yum!

Finally got the chance to enjoy the food here!
Finally got the chance to enjoy the food here!
Aaaa-ahh! Smell that wonderful cuppa…
Q’s delectable Americano breakfast… droolzz…
…and my Egg Hollandaise came with a pizza cutter 🙂
After paying for our filling meal, we received not only our change back, but also a pack of funky yet “old school” print of ang pow packs.

As much as we’d like to hang out at Publika, our usual Sunday schedule did not permit us to extend our visit. But I realized that Chinese New Year set-up was done throughout the mall! Waaay faster than Xmas too!

Other shopping malls had interesting themes as their main showcase. I’ve seen clusters of yester-year shop lots from Hong Kong back alleys complete with TV aerials and sporadic greens growing out of rooftops, huge Chinese Junk complete with the usual trading booty they would carry on one of their routes and a tableau from “China Town”.

I liked Publika’s tribute to the legacy of Chinese Opera as their main theme,… and of course the signature “handcraft” touch this place is known for 🙂

Decals are widely used in many retail outlets
Colorful chinese opera masks provide an arresting vista within Publika
Western entrance
Yes! There are scheduled Live performances to showcase the treasures of Chinese Opera!

Schedule credit: Publika via FB

Alas, the time has come to bid adieu yet again (translation: need to pick up tutor, wake kids up from slumber to get ready for Math tuition).

Can you find the patchwork snakes hanging from bamboo poles?
Gong Ssssi Fa Cai!!

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