We, The Mortals…

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We often reminisce the past, be it childhood days, the fascinating years in primary school (or elementary school depending on which education system you were exposed to) and of course the colorful and adventure-laden college years (that’s because it’s our first time living on our own and dealing with other personalities who happen to share our apartment/ dorm).

Q and I met while studying in Syracuse University eons ago, and I got to know his handful of apartment mates who were all Engineering majors (two aerospace and one computer engineer). I used to drop by their crib often to watch college football/ basketball on their tiny TV because my housemates preferred to munch pop corn over romantic movies on HBO or cliff-gripping TV series.

Due to my frequent visits to the place, they sort of became my band of “big brothers” (well, one became more than a brother! tee hee!! πŸ˜€ ). Q’s room mate, B, was the Computer Engineer who had enterprising ideas to make ends meet even way back then.

He was also one of the very few students who had a car, so he became the Designated Driver to Hypermarkets/ Airport/ key social spots like the bowling alley. College will always have a symbiotic relationship with bowling alleys.
Don’t ask why!

Upon graduation, we went our separate ways, carved our budding careers which were kicked off by our paper qualification, got married, started families and live a routine life. Once we were engaged in the rat race, weeks turned into months, and into years. Before we realized it, twenty years have passed and we all had left our college selves at East Genesee Street/ Comstock Avenue.

Recently, B had a health scare that required hospitalization at the National Heart Institute. B has had health challenges even during his college years in Syracuse, but this hiccup seemed a tad serious compared to previous instances. After much rest and help from the medical team, B was on the recovery track and felt positive on a 100% comeback.

Last Sunday, B had a stroke.

He is the same age as Q, and that was a wake-up call too close to home. With the help of his quick-thinking spouse, B was whisked to the nearest Heart Specialist Centre, SDMC Ara Damansara, and was tended to stat. He was admitted in the Coronary Care Unit for two days, and was transferred to the normal ward after the third.

It’s back to square one on Fight for Health for B this time. His wife has shown much inner strength and continue to be the lynch pin that holds the fort together. I cannot even begin to fathom what she feels and is experiencing, especially with three young children at home.

My friends, you and family are in my prayers, as well as in the hearts and prayers of those who used to dwell in Syracuse.

The undulating ceiling sculpture gives a sense of serene warmth upon entering SDMC Ara Damansara.
The “warm waves” continue into the lounge area as a prominent sculptural piece. I love it when the “outside” is brought indoors.
Could be mistaken for a lounge in a Hotel? πŸ™‚
If only I could say “Welcome to my Swag Home Peeps”… however, it IS home to those who are treated for Brain, Heart and Spine & Joint issues.


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