Java Joint inside B.I.G

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My BFFs from Melbourne arrived on Saturday morning! YAY! Haven’t seen them in quite a while (make that slightly over 2 years) and I look forward to spending quality time while they’re in town… taking into consideration their planned trips outside of KL during their 3-week vacation.

After a long and rather energy-sapping flight from Tullamarine, we stopped by at my favorite “docking bay” in town: Publika! With most of the KL-ites out of town for the impending Chinese New Year celebrations, the place was rather quiet.

No complaints from moi πŸ™‚

Someone needed a caffeine shot badly, so we ventured into B.I.G market and enjoyed the “fuel pit stop” at Plan B’s Roasted… and my poor friend nearly peed in her pants when I SUDDENLY squealed in delight upon seeing my fav dessert on the menu:

Orange Poppy Seed cake… still comes a distant second after my Superstar Orange muffin @ Fed Square
Ever-ready Baristas @ the counter… yes, this IS a small yumyum section within B.I.G market…
Eye candy while waiting for the yummies to arrive…

I didn’t know that one could order stuff from the Pastry section and enjoy them with lattes and other caffeinated cousins in this area. That is just NEATO!

Apprentice will be whining for a chance to enjoy this soon…


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