“Discontent is the first necessity of progress”

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
Winston Churchill

I took my time finding apt words to describe the current political climate in this country and found it in the wise words of Thomas A. Edison (see title). This 56-year-old nation gained independence from Britain, and the current ruling party has been at the helm of leadership ever since then. Should they retain mandate from the people, they will become the world’s longest ruling coalition in a democratic government.

I shall not get into details of the parties involved as I can look it up elsewhere and in greater depth too.

When I was a student in Syracuse U, I often get a confused or “I-don’t-geddit” visual cues from people when I mention my motherland: Malaysia.

My standard explanation would be “It’s sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore”

“OH! Singapore? Yes! I know that place”

Le Sigh.

All these years, I have not really immersed myself in politics (and the irony is I studied International Relations @ SU) and was pretty much tuned off due to the constant mud-slinging matches inside and outside of Parliament. I have my own goals I want to pursue and I’m also at the age where I choose to surround myself with positive and like-minded people who live purposeful lives.

If I wanted to indulge in dramas, I’d choose potato-couching over K-dramas, anytime.


Let’s say this country IS a person and her name is Mel Aysha. She had gone through tumultuous moments in the past, and her resilience, her associations with various influential people and decisions made then have shaped the person she is today. Back then, she had a coterie of  Visionaries who drew a game plan for her to follow through in order to gain the much-sought after membership card of a “Developed Country”. So, out came the multitude of programs aimed at hastening industrialization in all sectors of the economy.

It was pretty much BOOM SHA-KA-LAKA time for the many and the generation that is governing Mel today grew up during that prosperous period. Under the leadership of a charismatic and fierce “bauce” from 1981 – 2003, Mel was assured of reaching the finish line by 2020: “Hello World, Mel Aysha has Arrived”.

It is now 2013, another 7 more years for Mel to prove that she has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less developed nations, and where her service sector trumps over industrial sector. Some may say “Yes! It is VERY possible!”

Being positive is a good thing.
Having an earnest and workable plan that compels and engages Everyone towards that goal would be even better.

It’s like saying “look at how sexy this new laptop is! So light, yet durable and it comes in many colors!”. But if the operating system and software are utterly underwhelming, the laptop is worthless. People are willing to pay big bucks for “bar-none” OS and seamless software because it makes their life more efficient. And that translates to higher productivity.

Mel may have been busy working out in the gym to maintain or improve her appearance, but she may not be consistent in getting healthy nutrients for her mind, body and soul. It would be a sad day indeed if I ever hear that Mel is a Nation with No Substance.

This is probably the longest entry I’ve done.  But one of the most important.
As a wrap-up, I’m sending a personal message to Mel:

“Gurlfriend, you’ve come such a looong way. Still looking good too! I know age is just a number, but dayum!

Anyhoo, is everything alright witchu? I sense you sorta hit a speed-bump a few years ago. You’re taken care of, right? I know you’re such a celeb, having so many cool friends and all, but gurl, you’ve gotta know who’s got your back and who wants your back, y’know what I mean?

Listen, remember the gang from the yard? We can see from the tube and papers that you’re hurting at times, and you may feel a bit down too. And don’t know who to turn to. But the gang wants you to know that we’re here for you, and we believe that you can get back on your feet and shimmy your way to the top.

You know who to call for help, gurl. The gang has been sending signals to you by planting small “flowers” all around the country. All the colors represent! And in other countries too babe! Is that AMAZING or whut?! The rally this time around is somethin’ special. Can you feel it too?

We’ll find the right people to give you a total overhaul gurl, so you get to shine for the right reasons! :)”


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