Tracking Down My Love

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Just before I left for Melbourne, my stationery-laced radar pinged when I saw a quick post on my FB page:

OWHMEGERD! Take deep breaths!

This MUST be Fate! I’ve been stalking Paperway’s online catalog for ages and the Gods have sent a floatie just in case I decide to find this particular store in Melbourne.

Yes, I basically memorized their product line!

I could hardly contain my joy and of course, I immediately penned in Belki‘s address in the Blue Koala Vacay book. However, this was gonna be a solo expedition as I have not ventured beyond Johnston Street when I last visited Melbourne in 2010. I can just imagine the groanin’ & moanin’ from my teenage kids struggling to keep up pace with their On-A-Stationery-Mission Mom:

“My fingers are frozen”

“You walk too fast”

“My legs are cramping”

The initial plan was to enjoy Melbourne Museum in the morning, and then make a headway to Belki, but then I realised that there were no tram stops along Rathdowne St., only on Nicholson.

Plus, the kids had their own plans of stopping by their fav spots on Lt. Bourke St and Lonsdale St. (Dean’s Art store was an absolute stop for Apprentice) before leaving Melbourne the next day. Ok, let the kids enjoy their day in the city (and I’ll have my Just Desserts tomorrow on My Own – tee hee!)


So, on a sunny Friday morning, I began my journey from Kew to Rathdowne Village where destiny awaits!!

On board the 48 heading into CBD (Central Business District)
Walking towards Bourke St to hop on tram 96


After getting off at Princes St. tram stop, my bladder muscles began to weaken. OH NOES!! Finding a public WC is not easy in Melbourne.

After a very dramatic search for public buildings – walked along Princes, and along Rathdowne, close towards the Public Library (I very nearly cried for a very possible SNAFU) – I saw this edifice across O’Grady St. next to a park.


I was beyond caring if it was functional or not!

YAY!! Arrived at our destination!

The wonderful things they have stocked in this gem of a store can be viewed on their FB page. I just zoomed into their stationery corner and grinned like a looney when I saw my paperways babies on the shelves. I am hopeless when it comes to paper-based products. To my surprise, I noticed Mossery made their way to this part of the world too! Good on you!

Had a feeling the range would be limited (just not possible to stock up the entire paperways range), but I was just so happy to see quite a few choices to pick from. My other fav brand, Otto & Spike were also available in the store, but sadly I live in the tropics. No need for that extra scarf… or mitts… Le Sigh.

After drooling for about 30 minutes just at the stationery corner, I slowly made a scan of the other yummylicious goods that were sold in the store. Think I sprained my eyeballs too… Loved the way merchandise were displayed throughout.

Leaving Belki a happy customer, I decided to walk all the way back to CBD, soaking in the awesome scenery before flying back to KL in a few hours…

One of Melbourne’s many community swimming pool centers
The CBD doesn’t seem to be that far… does it?
Graffiti Art is just synonymous with Melbourne culture
Just had to take a picture of this. Contrasting colors were simply magnificent!
Melbourne Museum playing peek-a-boo @ Carlton Gardens
Steadily marching on towards Royal Exhibition Building… weather was fantastic!
Finally arrived at tram stop on Collins to head back home…

I bought a few A4-sized notebooks for my BFF who is also a fanatic fan of Paperways (we are Fans For LIFE!), and I absolutely cherish my treasures:

They even paid attention to designing the package backing as a boarding pass!! How can I NOT LOVE THEE???
Belki, thank you for stocking Paperways. Get the rest of the family over, you’ll have a loyal crowd clamoring for more πŸ™‚








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