Humble Abode in Kew

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The Little House That Could in Kew πŸ™‚ Thanks BFFs!!

I must say, having friends who reside in a city which you are visiting is a God Sent!

After a 7-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur and getting our rental from Budget @ Tullamarine, we finally arrived at my friends’ beautiful home in Kew. The last I visited them, they still lived in a one-bedroom apartment few blocks up the hill.

So, without revealing too much (I shall try my darndest, friends… tee hee!), I’m sharing a few peeks into their humble and inspiring home. It helps if your calling in life is being Interior Designers πŸ™‚

Compact Hallway: A nod to their heritage
Added a few more seats to the living area
Love the Vintage feel πŸ™‚
Didn’t manage to wrangle a solo performance from the homeowners. Next time!
Apprentice gladly contributing the human touch in the overall composition
DIY larder/ other Storage combination from the Blue Box πŸ™‚
Dining/ Work area. Noice!
Apprentice Ninja demonstrating how BRRreally cold it is. Yay Winter! πŸ˜€

Sleeping areas are deemed private, so the tour ends here πŸ™‚


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