Rare Gurls Day @ South Melbourne

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The thing about vacationing in a city where you have friends living there, is that You Are on Vacation. They are Not. During my first stay in Melbourne a couple of years ago which lasted 7 weeks, I spent only a handful of quality days with my BFFs. I was pretty much left on my own doing lots of pleasurable adventures (Love! Love! Love!).

So it was no surprise spending one whole day with my bestie during my 10-day vacay was a Gift! And my kids were just TOO GLAD to stay home for a change and do “their own thang” while we ventured forth.

Brrr! Too cold to get up!! Lemme hibernate…

To kick start our day, we trudged up the hill, crossed High St, and huffed & puffed to the intersection of Cotham and Glenferrie Rd. Totally earned our breakfast!

Very cosy spot. Lucky to get the last table for two!
Perk me Up πŸ™‚
My Bestie’s choice: Chai Latte… yums
Breakfast of Champions! Which is likely to fuel me only for the next 3 hours…

Between trying to not gorge down the wonderful breakfast and slurping my cappuccino, we managed to chat about The Real Gurl stuff that only Gurls would understand πŸ™‚ She planned to introduce South Melbourne to me as that was the one area I did not get to explore. Yay! But first, we had to sort out which tram lines to take… she’s too used to be driven around!

Waiting for the connecting tram to South Melbourne. Live entertainment from across the street πŸ™‚
We’re here! Rather quiet though… but not complainin’ at all!! πŸ˜€
Love taking sneak peeks round corners and alleyways. You never know what little treasures you’ll find
A nondescript studio with this installation @ the entrance. Step inside and you’ll find uniquely designed furnishing items. Stupid grins were plastered on our faces during our walk in this studio.
If only urban art was this cool in my own city…
Is it time already for a Re-Fuel? Beautiful day for late alfresco lunch
… and this is where my Bestie brings me for Grub!!

By the time we settled nicely in the open courtyard, resting our tired feet, it was close to 3pm. And being Gurls, the conversation continued (amazing how Gurls can just TALK!) with episodes of tear-inducing laughter. And then, the comfort food came…

Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Can’t recall exact name of this luscious dessert…
The day is getting late, time to make our way home before the after-office hour rush from CBD.

We entered a few furnishing/ clothing/ stationery shops thatΒ  lined Hotham St. Yes, we’re suckers for those wonderfully creative objet d’art. How is it possible for a city to be brimmed with so much inspiration?

Thanks for the day in South Melbourne, Bestie.

Don’t forget to make another trip (get him to drive you) coz I know you eyed a few things at that All Things Kitchen warehouse πŸ™‚
Tee Hee!!


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