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We’re back to matters of higher exigency: FOOD!

Mamak: Malaysian Roti & Satay on Lonsdale (CBD)

My BFFs brought us to this usuallly-packed-to-the-brim restaurant for a change (though, this menu is pretty much staple back home). But since we’re in Melbourne, I was sure the quality was going to be in a different league altogether.

I was right.

Ordered a few dishes to share:

The evergreen mascot of Malaysian cuisine: Nasi Lemak with Sambal Udang
Deceptively mild-looking Mamak Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles Mamak Style) but packed with flavor & spice!
Chicken Rendang – plate was cleaned up within minutes!

When traveling in a foreign country, we look forward to making abundant memories and the gastronomic kind is usually at the top of the list. Sometimes though, the palette craves for tastes that remind us of home so that we can assure ourselves that we’re not too far away from the familiar.

Rating: Pretty Freakin’ Redonkulous for Mamak food 🙂

Big Mama (Korean Restaurant) on Swanston St., CBD

At Last My Children! We’re back to the ONE place I TRULY enjoyed Korean dishes when I was in Melbourne three years ago. The last time I featured this spot in previous MelGaBon entry, I only managed to insert a picture of how the place looks like from the outside.

Because I inhaled everything that was laid on the table within 30 minutes.
Camera, begone.

So now, (I can’t remember exact names of these dishes) I present to you the exquisite Korean dinner we had on our last night in Melbourne:

Jap Chae appetizer: vanished within 15 minutes. Can you sense the impending gastronomic race?
I see mussels and melted cheese = NOM NOM NOM!
We wolfed this one too… Hand-eye coordination was going haywire!
Looks rather fierce... and it was. Jug of Water over here! STAT!!
Looked rather fierce… and it was.
Jug of Water over here! STAT!!
The evening's pièce de résistance: mouth-watering bulgogi.  Where Have You Been All Our Lives?!
The evening’s pièce de résistance: Exquisitely mouth-watering bulgogi.
Where Have You Been All Our Lives?!

This was the dinner to end our Melbourne experience with.

AND the kids still salivate just thinking about this meal till today!

Rating:  Jaw-Draggin’-Over-the-Floor FREAKIN’ Redonkulous Oh My Gawd, Are You KIDDING ME?!!


Woolie’s Orange Poppy Seed Muffin

Did I hear a “WHUT?
She’s including a friggin’ muffin in the MelGaBon series?

You betcha sassy behinds folks! The massive supermarket chain, Woolworth’s, was a fav stop for the familia and myself because of the fun things we never could find in typical marts in our neck of the woods.

Like preposterously yummilicious pastries:

They couldn’t understand my initial spasms in Woolie’s when I saw these babies sitting prettily in the pastry drawer… until they dug into theirs.
Fanclub grew exponentially!
Apprentice nonchalantly helping herself to MY PRECIOUS!

The moment you sink your teeth from the crusty top into the moist, poppy-seed laden body with the occasional bite into bits of orange peel… your mind just stops functioning and you’re sucked into the vortex of ecstasy.

For Reals?

Have found a new project for Apprentice to pursue back home: REPLICATE THIS MUFFIN!!
Rating:  Jaw-Dropping Freakin’ Redonkulous Oh My Gawd with three snaps and a WOO!



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