Food for the Designer’s Soul

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It was Saturday, a public holiday, and I was waiting for my client at project site from 9am for the much-needed walk-through of his almost-completed new home. By the time we were done, it was already close to 1pm and I was getting a wee bit dizzy due to low blood sugar levels. And was stinkin’ to high heavens no thanks to my clean-up prep work prior to the walk-through.

Driving back to my home, my body, mind and spirit were in Dali-esque form and all I looked forward to was a shower and lying down on my bed for a good ten minutes.

And then I remembered about the family do at 4pm outside of the city.

Suck it in! <close eyes and inhale deeply!>
On the up-side, there’ll be loads of food to choose from.

After braving the thunderstorm that graced our journey and circling for 10 minutes within the gated-community in search of Party-Base-Camp, we finally arrived at a home that booted my interior designer antenna into on-line mode for the possible visual galore behind the facade:

Be still and breathe in the promise…
Landscaped greens on both sides of the home carries on to the opposite end of the house
Blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces…

Upon entering through the pivot main door, I am greeted by the great expanse of openness and light that filtered into the entire ground floor. The high ceiling creates a sense of airiness  despite the massive bespoke furnishings that were thoughtfully placed.

My heart sang. My spirit rejuvenated. My eyeballs almost sprained (coz they were scanning everywhere within a nanosecond).
My tummy rumblings temporarily forgotten.

Salt-water Lap Pool can be seen from dining area, stairs, and formal living area. Glass doors in Living can be pushed to the side to maximize the enjoyment of outdoors and tropical breeze.
Come on in! The water’s GREAT!
Back of the house opens to the shared green space with bike/ jog trails that also leads to a playground at the other end of the strip
Area under the stairs
Let’s Get the Party Started!

The Guest of Honor got punked by her family! She was truly surprised to learn that the “low-key” gathering was actually her birthday celebration. Good job, Undercover Agents!

Check out That SPREAD!… and that Masterchef-Grade Kitchen!
Pot-Luck Party = Fabulous Smörgåsbord
Kitchen gets a view of the garden and Lanai…
Windows along sink/ cooking area allows diners and “Bar Zone” converse with the folks inside the house. Definitely improves ventilation… and conversations!
Enjoying the goodies and the breeze @ Lanai…
… which is directly in front of the kitchen.
“Foodie Island”

Then, I was given a tour of the upper floor.
Food and drinks not terribly important at this moment, thank you.

And the oohs & aahs continued as I walked up the timber-covered stairs which continued throughout the upper floor…

While still walking up the stairs, I looked to the left to see:

Turf-covered Rooftop Garden…
… with easy access to epicenter of Libation Preference…
View from Family Area (which sits between 2 guest rooms)

A quick note about the guest rooms: Four Seasons Hotel standard (bedroom/ wardrobe & bathroom). Eau de toilette from Body Shop. ‘Nuff said.

A tiny shot of their impressive Master Bedroom…
And how could you NOT be pruney on a daily basis with a tub Like That?

I was probably the only guest who shamelessly took her time searching for angles and complementing lighting for photo shoots… how shameless! LOL!

We had another place to drop by on our way home, so luckily I could stop myself from venturing into “parts unknown to other guests”! Handbrakes On! 🙂

Adrian and Audrey, many many thanks for sharing your exquisite home which was undoubtedly given immense thought and love.

My Soul-Rejuvenating spot…

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