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Sunday, September 8 2013.

This was The Day Apprentice had been looking forward to all week long. Actually, I had mentioned earlier (like months before) that since she was in the midst of trial exams in school, it was highly unlikely we would even attempt to scour for tickets to the MTv World Stage event at Sunway Lagoon.

Despite the fact that her “flava-of-the-moment” boy group from Korea, EXO, was on the Artist’ Lineup, she took a moment to agree that she should focus on preparing for this major “end of formal schooling” exam rather than fangirling and screaming at the top of her lungs for the 12 pretty boys.

I was proud to see the extra effort she poured into studying and earnestly preparing for the exam without complaint, and I decided to call my bro to seek his assistance in hooking us up with a couple of tickets (tee hee!).

Five days to D-Day and I placed the tickets discreetly on the magnet board at the hallway where the kids are the busiest in the morning before leaving for school.

One fateful glance as she reached out towards the wall to balance herself was all it took:

My bro scored us VIP tickets y’all!! Hey Hey Hey!!

Constrained squealing, as if the overflow of happiness would cause disintegration of all information stored in her brain for the impending exam that morning.

Artist Lineup this year was PRETTY AWESOME!!

Fly Like a G6, Hey Hey Hey!

Perhaps it’s a tradition that a local artist kicks off the night, and this time it was Joe Flizzow, Hip-Hop Rapper Extraordinaire, Business Mogul. He brought on the Swag and the ‘Tude to get the crowd into the groove. It was Malay Hip-Hop 101 for Apprentice and she was pleasantly surprised by the musicality and the witty lyrics that only Joe Flizzow could deliver.

Latest single ‘Havoc’ was recorded Live during his performance and the crowd was ecstatic to learn that they had participated in the birth of his new single.

Needless to say, the Tweens and Teens and a smattering of Twenty-somethings screamed themselves hoarse because of the latest KPop sensation riding out of Seoul: EXO. This group was specifically groomed by SM Entertainment to tackle Korean and Mandarin markets (& Rest of the World) by including international talents and did they deliver on stage with their slick, almost-identical-to-video choreo. They can basically wave to the crowd and the decibel at Sunway Lagoon would have shot sky high.

Yes, my right eardrum underwent some threshold test with Apprentice screaming out their names.

After four songs, they bid farewell (and likely to make their way to the airport as well) and the EXODUS of fangirls began too. I was like “Whut? They’re not stayin’ for F.E.M? Robin Thicke?” Well, ok, they may be a smidge too young for Robin Thicke.

The Calm before the Frenzy... ominous dark clouds - begone!
The Calm before the Frenzy… ominous dark clouds – begone!
PEOPLE Put Yo Hand Up Like Dis! And FLY LIKE A G6!

Quick word about the irrepressible Far East Movement:
They were like on Duracell of sorts because they were jumpin’, stompin’, sweatin’, screamin’ for 45 SOLID minutes. Non-stop.

That’s WICKED!

And then, the moment arrived for the smooth crooner with innate swag to get on stage:

Feelin’ the heat. Robin?
Goodnight Good Girl, goodnight…

Aaahh… after standing for four hours at MTv World Stage and absorbing Robin Thicke as the finale, I’m ready for bed.



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