Unintentional Cawfee Break

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Little did we know our favorite “docking” spot in town was currently holding C.A.F.F.A = Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia 2013.

No wonder parking was a tad difficult to find even at 11am and when we entered into the premises, the aroma of roasted java beans hit our senses Big Time.

Yum Yum Yum Yum!!

Booths of caffeine permutations took up the main length within the concourse area of Publika with TRAILS of coffee aficionados lining up to taste the gourmet brew. I mean, EVERY SINGLE BOOTH!

Setting up before the “Maddening Crowd” swoop in…



Apprentice and I, however, were rather hungry so brisk-walked to B.I.G (Ben’s Independent Grocer) for a quick bite before perusing the Art Bazaar which had to be set up mostly along the outdoor corridor of Publika.

Which sandwich shall we have today?
We get to enjoy the ambiance (and mouth-watering aroma from the baking area) within. However, please purchase magazine of choice before enjoying your Sunday lunch πŸ™‚
What?! I missed out on this?! 😦

With our tummies filled with nutrition, we made our way to Art Row, hoping to see some new faces offering more creative wares…

Some of the usual Art Bazaar suspects tending their booths along the very warm corridor
A graduate from The One Academy selling some of her handiwork. Weiliwonka – a witty branding idea πŸ™‚
Eclectic collection of books – new and otherwise…

Fortunately, we didn’t have to part too much from our wallet at the Art Bazaar (thank god!!) but we did notice a particular booth inside Publika and we were determined to get something from there no matter how CROWDED the area was…

o_O oooooohhh…. which to choose??

Aw man… the crowd WAS STILL at FatBaby booth! Many of them were tasting EVERY SINGLE flavor on that list, and many walked away with many cups of yumminess.

We’ve just gotta suck it up and dive into the throng!

MWAHAHAHAHA!! Salivate at that glorious handmade Coffee Crunch Ice cream…
Where have been all this while, Fatbaby? I heart U!

I would’ve gotten Salted Caramel as well, but with the coffee aroma spilling all over, I went with Coffee Crunch.

Besides, I have a VERY GOOD REASON to get my next Fatbaby ice-cream soon πŸ™‚


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