Dude, Where’s My Plane? o_0

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A few days before actual departure date, I tested my skills in packing EVERYTHING ESSENTIAL (including an extra bag) into my Deep Blue American Tourister luggage. Took a few attempts, and finally on the day of reckoning, I successfully packed 19kgs worth of stuff (that leaves me AMPLE space for my Ozzie purchases for the return flight).


My flight was at 1530hrs and Q had quite a full schedule at the office, so instead of going all the way to the airport with Kids in tow, we decided to have a quick family lunch before we hugged goodbye. Off we went to KL Sentral so that I can take the KLIA Express, a direct 28-minute ride to the airport. Timed myself to ensure I wasn’t rushing getting some Clinique products at the Duty Free Shops for my BFF.

Upon arrival at the Satellite Terminal, found out my flight was delayed. Ok. No problem. Departure re-timed to 1630hrs.

Decided to have a bite since my flight was delayed and no telling when munchies will be served on board.
You Like? :q


At 1510hrs still No Plane at my gate… o_0 … but then, from the corner of my eye I caught the nose of a B777 inching its way to the gate. Talk about Fast turnaround for the Melbourne leg!

Ramp team going into beyond ballistic mode to prepare this flight for Melbourne.
This photo was taken while Melbourne-bound passengers were shuffling at snail pace into the boarding area.


As you can see from the picture, weather seemed good and was hopeful for an on-time departure. While chatting with a lady (who actually traveled from Geneva via Dubai, now in KL en route to Melbourne… WHEW!), I heard distant rumblings that spelled trouble for any air-bound travelers. Glanced through the windows and witnessed the sudden emergence of tropical cumulus nimbus with a smattering of flashy jagged accessories. UGH.

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard Emirates flight bound for Melbourne. We apologize for the delay, and as you can see through your windows, the current conditions are not favorable…”

You can HARDLY see anything outside. It was Torrential Downpour at KLIA.

“The airport has grounded all flights, and we will keep you posted of any developments. Thank You”

O-kay… Plane sat on the tarmac for a long while, and at 1720hrs, Emirates B777 was slowly pushed off the gate and began queuing for take-off.

OMG… My back was aching already and we haven’t even left the airport!

At least my BFF and her sidekick get to clock in more ZZzzz before picking me up at Tullamarine @ 0400hrs



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