ArtMart Prowl 1: Greville Village Market

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One of the main excitements of my Melbourne visit (apart from being with my BFFs) is visiting the many art markets the inspiring city is known for. In fact, the very next thing I did right after booking my flight was to map out all the art markets that were active during December. Bummed to find out I couldn’t make it for Markit @ Fed Square, but the BIG KAHUNA of all Art Markets was gonna be in full swing from December 6th to 8th! YEE-EessS!

First ArtMart: Greville Village Market, Prahran

Located on a small patch of a garden in Prahran, this cute scene beckoned passers-by to take a creative breather and soak in the sunshine…

Gorgeous day to be out!
Those are handy hand made stools πŸ™‚


Done my bit in the name of advertising πŸ™‚

Kiddie Symphony performing christmas medley before the adoring crowd..
Undoubtedly one of the most colorful stretch of art market I’ve seen, and also the “coziest” πŸ™‚
Truly a gorgeous day to be outdoors!
Love finding such gems!


This market was cute in size and within 30 minutes, I had perused all the merchandise… sigh, my inner voice was reminding me of the BIG Kahuna that would absolutely dent my budget…


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