ArtMart Prowl 2: Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar

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The first visit was in 2009 where I kicked myself for not getting here on their opening day. Because. The cool leather clogs from Sweden flew off the shelves on Day 1, and I was left with slim pickings. Vowed to return to this bazaar on its opening day.

ALAS! Guess who else is having an “Open House” of sorts during the SAME WEEKEND?
BIG Kahuna sure knows how to mess with my timing!

ArtMart Prowl 2: Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar, Toorak

Big signage this time around
Regulars and newbies making their way in… my mission today is to get a DALA horse.
Yay! Directory!
Kids are always taken care of at this bazaar. Check out the petting zoo underneath the pine tree 🙂
Love Love Love being immersed in Scandinavian influences
Husband and wife team specializes in handmade leather bracelets
Look who’s Here! 🙂
Love is in the Details 🙂
Found my DALA horse! (not the printed version)… BUT i unwisely told myself to shop around first before gettin the red DALA… grumble, grumble, sigh…
The only place to breathe in all things Scandinavian

Unless you have friends who can drive you here, you can still take Tram #8 from Prahran to the stop closest to St. Georges Road and walk towards the Swedish Church. I was SOOO lucky to be driven there, but I walked alllll the waaaay from the church to Prahran just so that I can log in my 10k steps 🙂 HAHAHAHA!!

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