ArtMart Prowl 3: Rose Street

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Penultimate write-up before premiering the BIG kahuna. Rose Street Market was also one of the stops I made during my first visit to Melbourne. My, my… things have certainly changed for the better!

ArtMart 3: Rose Street, Fitzroy

Looking for a parking spot… You know you’re in Fitzroy when Urban Street Art is EVERYWHERE πŸ™‚
…even public restrooms are made to feel welcomed in da hood…
We’re Here! … unfortunately photography is Not Allowed within its premises. Oh well…
The walls of Rose Street Market…
The new kid on the block… was too packed indoors for us to try the grub
and it looks very very inviting!
Indian-themed Bicycle/ Cafe spot just next to Rose Street Market…
…taking the Indian theme onto four wheels…
I’m sure there are MANY more such treasures hidden in the niches of Fitzroy waiting to be discovered…

In terms of size, Rose Street Market sits between Greville and Scandi Xmas. Picked up a few things, but of course the major eyeball-spraining event made the biggest impact budget-wise πŸ™‚

You know what’s coming next don’t you? <grinning>…


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