Chapter 2b: Immersing the Hip in Idyllic Ipoh

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Back to our scheduled program…

Adequately fuelled by the yummy desserts and refreshing ice lemon tea drinks, we headed out for more documentation exercises. The muggy heat slapped us in our recently-cooled faces as we stepped into the non air-conditioned section of the cafe.

Whoa Momma!

Apprentice reminded me to look EVERYWHERE for unexpected surprises; looking up, for instance…

How could I have possibly missed that?
Looking down was no problem. However, this particular hopscotch may just give me the woozies!
The signages along this row are certainly atypical ones πŸ™‚ I LIKES!
The unassuming lane at the back of Patisserie Boutique led us to a Diagon Alley-esque journey…
View from the opposite end

We thought it was a dead end, however the young curator of Bits & Bobs (cute stand selling old-school items) explained that the lane curves to the left where we would encounter an Art Gallery and a library even.


Daytime: Great place to shoot music videos and such. Nighttime: Great place to shoot spooky movies… don’t even get me started. This is actually the Art Gallery (squint and you may see the frames hung within)
One of the coolest barber shops I’ve ever seen (opposite the Art Gallery).
So that MUST be the library!
The raw natural materials used in this space reminds me of another place I’ve been to…
… the stark simplicity is a signature of a local architect…
… and those stairs must lead to… WAITAMINUTE! I must be in Sekeping Kong Heng right now!! No wonder the aesthetics looked very familiar!
The alley that runs in between Kong Heng coffee shop on the right, and Plan B on the left.

We returned to the mini block of two shops (namely The Barber and Bits & Bobs) to have a closer inspection of things Apprentice didn’t grow up with.

“Mummy, what is ais kepal?” (or Ice Ball, in English)
There you go, my Apprentice. The answer to your question is…
I left Apprentice enjoying her Ice Ball while I hunted down a shop on Jalan Market where I could find prayer mats: Pulicat Malaya.
While looking out for Pulicat Malaya, I stumbled upon this shop front that had massive wooden doors. I mean MASSIVE. Didn’t cross over to get more info, but it seemed to be a restaurant or eatery of some sort?
Plan B facade as I trudged back to get Apprentice at Bits & Bobs
View of Plan B from Bits & Bobs
This can be SO like my retirement home… hee hee hee!
A pleasant little surprise greeted us upon our return to our beautiful room. No such thing as an impersonal choc mint on your pillow at M Boutique Hotel.
Even received a handwritten note from the person who prepares our room. Such details taken care of, M Boutique Hotel! High Five! Another life lesson passed on to Apprentice πŸ™‚
“This town is so awesome! I can’t take it anymore! My brain is shutting down!”

Happy that we accomplished documenting our day, and happier that we received such throwback munchies, we succumbed to spa-like shower luxuries before turning in for the night.

Not looking back to returning to our home state where water rationing may last till December 2014.

God forbid.


But I’m sure our second home in Ipoh will always be there, waiting with open arms…

unless they’re fully booked till the end of the year πŸ˜€




2 thoughts on “Chapter 2b: Immersing the Hip in Idyllic Ipoh

    mboutiquehotels said:
    April 8, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Ah! Did you know that Ipoh is also “famous” for it’s Muruku and Indian Tid-Bits? That’s why we serve them during our Turn Down Service …. Glad you enjoyed it! (But not good on the calorie count though) .. hee hee … we’ll be right here waiting with open arms whenever you feel the need to escape from KL! πŸ™‚

      chom2 responded:
      April 8, 2014 at 9:41 am

      I’m not one to fret about calories. All the walkabouts and the gym in the hotel should take care of that! LOL!!

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