Managing Mischief @ Akar Lima

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Driving solo to the northern part of the Malay Peninsula for 3.5 hours was made easy thanks to Waze.

However, after getting off the North-South Highway at exit 156 and into the winding trunk road got me thinking twice whether Waze played a joke on me. The route brought me through various villages and many schools, vocational schools, colleges… wow, this place is brimming with young blood! … Did that sound rather vampire-like?

Where in the world is Akar Lima?

Trimming off the drama that was unfolding within my car, I finally arrived at the unassuming lane of Lorong Laksamana (Thank God for the little signage too!) and slowly made my way to the wonderland within:

Akar Lima welcomes all with open arms πŸ™‚
Just to be sure you’ve arrived at your destination…

This area is So Green! Not only referring to the emerald canopies that envelope this area, but Akar Lima is built on the principle of Sustainability. They call themselves an Eco Lodge. Most of the handmade interior fittings were upcycled from salvaged wood from an old wooden house on their property. I laud their efforts in re-birthing functional items (creative and definitely not wallet-busting) as well as installing McGyver-esque water catchment points (note to Selangor property developers…) at the main house.

Before I bedazzle you with the “wealth” of Akar Lima’s compound, let’s get some bearings of specific zones:

Yes, they have THAT MANY trees! By the way, reserve a room or two for yourself/ families at end May and June to enjoy FRESH local fruits (refer to map for list) at Akar Lima.
BIG Durian tree…
Cabbage Patch Greens πŸ™‚
Kaffir lime tree within the C&D Corral…
Lords of the Corral
Dukong langsat stands at attention guarding the coop
The beginnings of a bountiful harvest by end of May πŸ™‚
Mangosteens, one of the Superstars in Akar Lima. One of the sisters swears that the yumminess within is white and juicy, none of the yellow tints that is usually seen. In her own words, “isi dia puteh melepak! Tak da kunin-kunin langsung! Maneh plak tu!” …
Translation “Outstanding” πŸ˜€


Giggling Ducks Cafe

The epicentre of managing mischief at Akar Lima

Just so you know, I have friends who would make that 350+ kms drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kulim just to enjoy the gastronomic offerings at Giggling Ducks a.k.a GD … (inside joke :D). Folks who are within 30km radius or less from Akar Lima just gotta scoot over to GD and allow your taste buds to celebrate.

Just ogle at that Carrot Cake! Redonkulous!!
Simple and flavorful dishes that follow the change in seasonal local produce.
You never know what you’re gonna get a couple of months later πŸ™‚
Cute way of organizing vouchers
Close up of aforementioned…
Tunnel vision from the BBQ pit end of GD Cafe.
DIY table top that spans over three trestle bases.
DIY Jenga blocks
“Foyer” of GD at porch area…
Feel free to act out your fantasy of becoming an All-England Singles Champion…
The compound turns into a fairy-like enclosure when night falls
Old windows as table tops and bespoke stools made of cement blocks and recycled wood
Fer Real! πŸ˜€


Akar Lima
There are 5 rooms on levels 1 and 2 of the house (level 2 = attic! And boasts the best view of the area!) for guests who plan to stay over. Details of such rooms/ rates are on their FB page under “About”.

If your family entourage equals the size of two football teams, you can check out room availability at their sister establishment, Stay Sarlis in Kulim.

Custom-made AV hub in the Living area
Beats Gold Class seats hands down!
Yes, reclaimed wood was used to make the huge sofa… day bed… a member of the Spanish Armada…
Another clever use of the humble wok cover.
Bespoke floor lamp πŸ™‚
Help yourselves to a few cuppas… one teaspoon of that local coffee grind is enough… unless you want to live on the edge and shiver due to caffeine overdose. Tee Hee! πŸ˜€
Common Area on level 1 of Akar Lima
Comfort is key at Akar Lima
Fret not when it rains. Pick any book to transport to another world…
Another original Upcycled Interior fitting… the amount of DIYs in this place is giving me nosebleeds!
Shout-out to wrapping papers from Zetta Florence!!
Oldie but still a goodie!
Akar 1 to 4 are on Level 1.
Akar 5 is the Princess Tower πŸ˜€
Nosebleeding again… all light sources in rooms are LED.

Every room has wall hooks/ rails to help you sort out your sartorial storage. Prayer mats for muslims, are also provided in every room for their convenience, as well as a set of telekung (ie prayer wear) for the female guest. A tote bag filled with torchlight, tasbih (ie prayer beads) and travel-sized Quran are also made available in each room.

So, what mischief did I manage in Akar Lima?
After much thought, the wrap-up for this trip would be:

“Akar Lima mischievously managed to charm All who came”




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