Chapter 2: Passage Into My Home in KKB

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I remember walking back from school one day because the usual Uncle who drove us home was unwell. It was a unanimous decision undertaken by five fearless nine-year-olds who didn’t think it was a big deal to walk home through the jungle.


The journey of this fellowship made us go through the sodden fields where Physical Education class would take place, up the hill, cross the winding lonely road towards the Hospital, downhill towards the beginnings of the jungle, and then miraculously found The Gate that would allow us into the Police College grounds.

That easily spanned more than 2kms.

But to The Fellowship, it was absolute FUN!

It looked better with whitewashed walls. The entrance is at the highest point of the slope, so all buildings are built gradually downwards towards the perpetually-sodden field area πŸ™‚
Trudging uphill from the field, we would have to cross over towards the hospital side… Glad to see some things have not changed (ie giant trees and absent traffic)…
… and the winding road is still charmingly eerie.. When you’re traveling with the Fellowship, fear of the unknown just dissipates πŸ™‚
These Quarters had been livelier 30 years ago. Buildings built back then have such strong bones. Its beauty is still evident. Sad to see them abandoned 😦
Finally! The Halfway-Marker πŸ™‚ Love seeing the Old-School architecture of government establishments
Peek-a-Boo! I see you! 30 years ago, the Police College compound was further in the jungle… and no such high-rises too


Alas, things can’t remain the same for long.


In the name of development and innovation, the old has to pay the price.

Although I was not allowed to enter the Police College, just for the sake of invoking nostalgia, I still remember very clearly what it was like running around freely, playing in the old wooden playhouse, jumping into little streams that ran through the back of the Marching Arena and running uphill from my house to the little tuckshop for my regular Nuttela treats…

And I certainly still remember the house I grew up in…



This house may not exist anymore, but it lives on forever in my memory πŸ™‚



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