+Two Days after Secret Love Affair Finale

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Secret Love Affair 02


How is it possible that I’m still experiencing the after-effects of this masterfully written, ingeniously directed and stunningly acted Korean Drama?

Despite my so-so understanding of Hangeul, and along with thousands of Outside-South Korea viewers, sat in front of our laptops/ ipads and chewed our fingernails off while watching the live-stream of SLA’s last episode on Tuesday night (Korean time).

The experience itself was quite magical come to think of it. Viewers from various backgrounds, ethnicity and time-zones huddled in cyberspace together and braced themselves for the imminent end of Secret Love Affair.

The storyline itself was already scandalous enough, and for these folks who decided not to watch this drama: Give It A Go. It may not be what you think it is. Heard of the phrase “Do not judge a book by its cover”?

Just before the finale was aired, I whispered to the DramaGods via Tumblr…

I am thisclose to releasing the Kraken if the ending dives into What The FlyingFish zone…
Jus’ sayin…


Imagine the catharsis we all went through immediately after credits were rolled.
As for me, well, you know what i did 😀

I shall not even attempt to recap this drama, as it has been well covered by notable sites where I also get my regular shots of Korean nutrition (tee hee) such as:

  • the SLA fanatics on Soompi Forum who was the lifeline to many International viewers for giving rough real-time translations as well as in-depth analyses and further dissections of issues at hand.

As at Thursday, May 15 2014, they are still contributing to the thread by providing some translations of parts of the scripts for deeper understanding and appreciation.

How’s THAT for immersing oneself in the SLA experience?! This is Real World Classroom for Contemporary Literature and Classical Music!

Special shout-out to @cecilia and @seungshinl for your tireless and greatly-appreciated work 🙂


I am glad though that I was not the only one who felt bereft on Tuesday night.

The following is my post-finale reaction on Tumblr:

Ten minutes after SLA finale, I am still crying.

Although the ending suggests a hopeful reunion, my heart still breaks at the bittersweet journey both SJ & HW will have to take.

What am I sayin’?

Yet I’m STILL Crying T_T

Yoo Ah In: You are Breathtaking.

Kim Hee Ae: You are Stupendous.

Ahn Pan Suk:  You are Wickedly Genius

Jung Sung Joo: You are The Oracle and Pied Piper mixed in a cauldron of Awesome-sauce.

Bravo to the Production Team of Secret Love Affair who are now Legends in elevating a drama into a Must-Be-Studied Masterpiece of Literature.


The Best Back Hug. EVER.


If I was personally there with the cast and crew, I’d give all of them Big Bear Hugs for a job astoundingly well done…


and I’d want one of those hugs from Yoo Ah In too…

I know, I know.. there’s a massive line for that one 😀


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