Hopped into Japan-Style Hip

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Truth be told, I was enthralled by Amazeballs Trio who is otherwise known as Street Dance Studio White Hat.  Just could not tear myself away from their video despite a 2-digit viewing.

The human anatomy is simply astounding o_O

Hip Hop culture is alive and thriving in the Land of the Rising Sun, however the Japanese attention to detail is injected into their performance. Couldn’t help but notice that their sartorial choices are definitely bespoke and designed to enhance their movements. 

So, where can these precocious young athletes aspire to be in the near future?


Heard of Sol-T-Shine, peeps?

To think my jaw dropped when I saw the three young girls did the unbelievable move in the middle of the high-energy set… but I was BLOWN AWAY after seeing the older girls compete at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship (be sure to select Hi-Def resolution 🙂 )



Next is their latest battle at the same event last year…







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