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Hello! Hello! Hello!! XD

It has been quite a while since Apprentice and I enjoyed a weekend jaunt, and we were determined to make something of yesterday… despite the heavy tropical downpour at 3pm o_O

Here at last! :)
Here at last! πŸ™‚

Accompanying us on a rather thunderous yet cosy evening, here’s Bebel Gilberto soothing the tropical thunderstorm away…

Hello Deer

I sent Apprentice to scope the scene first as I had to make a quick call to a friend who intended to hang out with us at the bazaar. Within 5 minutes, Apprentice rushes down the stairs, struggling to look composed, “Ehrmerhgerd. There’s so much CUTE upstairs!! I’m in trouble!”Β  LOL!! XD

Hello Deer is located on the upper floor above Wondermilk in Damansara Uptown. Walking up the cheerfully decorated staircase, we’re greeted with thus…


hd_03Ah… I can just feel the vibe πŸ˜€

The space is rather small compared to other pop-up Art Markets I’ve been to, so there were about 13 vendors. Pleasant calming scent wafted from the left of the entrance and the Be Good To vendors were there with their all-natural body care products. My, my… Afternoon Tea has become fast friends with me, and I mean under a minute! o_O .Β  Thank you, James and Adeline (or Adelind?) for sharing your passion in your body care range.

Bok Tjuv, who is a perennial participant in many art markets, were there too πŸ™‚ and I was practically ushered to the booth just next to them because Apprentice has been pining for terrariums. Ficus & Jars brought some of their wonderful creations as well as apothecary bottle sets for sale. Oh. Eem. Gee. They were gorgeous and they were very reasonably priced πŸ™‚ Helmed by two guys who share very similar names, I thank you, Faisal/ Faizal who took the time to explain to me how you choose items for your creations. Dig your apron too! πŸ˜€

We may have missed you at the recent Mari Market, but we’re glad to see the cute-to-death works by Sukka Project. By this time Apprentice was already hyperventilating, which indicated to me the probable source of her initial excitement. Being a student of Illustration, she had a lot of questions about the process of producing particular items and Fya was patient and generous in sharing her knowledge. Thank you!

Yet another vendor who was at Mari Market, Leatologie takes the corner spot of the art market. A serious contender in fulfilling dreams of those who long for Midori Traveller’s Journal-like leather organizers XD ❀ ❀ Just add in the grid-paper booklet option, you’d have a long queue for those Journal babies. Thanks Ng and Wong! πŸ™‚

Across from them was a quiet booth… of boxes. Small boxes made out of pine pallets by Kedai. I have been SEARCHING for THESE!! MANSE!! No longer in “browsing” mode, I chose two boxes of differing sizes under 5 minutes! LOL!! If there are folks out there who are looking for bespoke furniture pieces made of pallet wood, go see these guys. Nothing is mass manufactured. Everything by hand πŸ˜€

These are a few of my favorite things... at Hello Deer market <3
These are a few of my favorite things… at Hello Deer market ❀

I promised Apprentice I would bring her over to a new cafe… and there was one corner of that neighborhood I had been planning to stop by…

Battery Acid Club

Rain drops the size of quail eggs were pelting furiously against the windshield as we made a quick 5 minute ride to Battery Acid Club. No, it’s not a car workshop. Far from it.

As I slowed down in the lane, Apprentice pealed her eyes looking out for the cool cafe… “OHMYGAWD!”

We’ve reached our destination…

Keeping it starkly minimalist…

But when it comes to the decadent desserts on display… it’s Tastus Buddus Maximus XD

Mocha Mascarpone Heaven XD
Mocha Mascarpone Heaven XD
Refreshingly light Cendol Cake <3
Refreshingly light Cendol Cake ❀

As I was paying for our take home orders, I finally made time to read this on the counter:


Well, I’ll just HAVE to come back again for this baby XD


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