Hello Deer B.A.C :)

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Hello! Hello! Hello!! XD

It has been quite a while since Apprentice and I enjoyed a weekend jaunt, and we were determined to make something of yesterday… despite the heavy tropical downpour at 3pm o_O

Here at last! :)
Here at last! 🙂

Accompanying us on a rather thunderous yet cosy evening, here’s Bebel Gilberto soothing the tropical thunderstorm away…

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A Stroll @ Mari Market

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It has been a while since Apprentice and I enjoyed a day out doing what we love to do: browsing craft bazaars and wolfing decadent desserts 🙂  Last Sunday, we had a wonderful opportunity to do just that at Mari Market, hosted by Justlife Shop at Art Printing Works (a.k.a APW Bangsar)…


This awesome spot sits right next to one of the nation’s newspaper publishing powerhouse, The New Straits Times. The owner definitely has a vision to merge history with the current trend of Farmers/ Art Market Pop-Ups. Good move, dude.

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Drop That Beat: Yoon Mirae with Tiger JK & Bizzy – Angel

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This is a song reflective of the challenging past year Yoon Mirae had experienced, from death in the family to betrayal from those she had entrusted. Shoving the negative mojo off her shoulders, she created her own enterprise and with her two “tightest Angels”, comes back with a roar.

“Angels in America” made a pit stop @ DPAC

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As always, the familia makes time to support projects that feature one of the nation’s evolving thespians, Abdul Qahar Aqilah.

While he made us laugh to the point of almost-peeing-in-one’s-pants in Shear Madness, he made a 180-degree turn to tackle one of the more heavyweight plays ever written, Angels in America.



It was our first visit to Damansara Performing Arts Center at Empire Damansara. Apprentice was extra excited because we were to have dinner within the area before attending the play. A gentle reminder was sent out to those who bought tickets for the weekend shows to turn up early and collect respective tickets as both sessions were Sold Out (and any booked-yet-to-be-paid ones will be released to the waiting crowd). Angels in America ended its run on Sunday, Aug 17th.

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Just ‘coz I’m Proud of Apprentice

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One of Apprentice's assignments. This is her version of a City Map of places she visited during our Seoul vacation :D Great Effort, Sweetie! <3
One of Apprentice’s assignments. This is her version of a City Map of places she visited during our Seoul vacation 😀 Great Effort, Sweetie! ❤

Apprentice: “Thank God Semester Break is Almost Over!”

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When Apprentice is bored at home...
When Apprentice is bored at home… at least she continues to do what she ❤ s most: Draw 😀

Eats @ BEAM

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Before I begin to Spazz and reach out for an oxygen mask, I need to thank my friend Ken Ong who introduced me to this instantaneous-fave-Java-Joint  😀



All he said was “It’s in the industrial part of town where the old SSF (local home furnishing store) was. Just key in the address into Waze and you’ll get there safely. Be there early too coz it gets packed real fast especially on a weekend.”

Saturday is FINALLY here! XD

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