I Still Call Australia (vacation) Home…

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Historic Melbourne Icon: Flinders Station

The last time I was in Australia, it was late 80s and I was an exchange student who spent 30 glorious days in a small town called Harcourt. The foster families who took care of me made sure my visit was a memorable one. Even though I have lost touch with them over the years, the time spent with them is still vivid in my memory.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and I’m back again for some serious R&R with two of my closest friends on this side of the universe!

After experiencing a rather manageable 6.5hr flight, we finally landed at Tullamarine Airport and I could not wait to meet my friends after a 6 month hiatus. Unfortunately for a slight hiccup at customs (not me, the lady in front brought home-made cookies and did not declare them) I made my way out into the HEAT? Hey! Thought the temperature was going to be in the teens!

In less than 15 minutes, they whisked me off from the pick-up area and was given the grand Just-Came-Off-the-Plane tour of Melbourne. By the time we got into the city it was past lunch time and my tummy was growling for some fuel. STAT.


Presenting the humble-looking Hooked on Chapel Street.

The name itself gives a clue as to the main ingredients on its menu. My friend recommended the Fish & Chips and guaranteed that I would be floored at the version of this dish.

My gastric juices was already churning a storm, and at that point in time, anything edible would have floored me!

The interior was cozy, made up a huge long table with benches on either side, a cluster of tables for smaller groups on the opposite side of the restaurant, and a few more tables set up outside along the walkway. Nothing fancy at all.Image

First couple of minutes sitting down was surreal: I couldn’t believe I was seeing my friends again after all this time. A quick updates on their experiences living in Melbourne and not long after, my meal was ready to be devoured:



The fish was FRESH & Unbreaded. Definitely a refreshing twist to a classic meal and I tried my very best not to gorge and look like Cookie Monster with warm out-of-the-oven cookies. Absolutely heavenly! Being hungry would’ve been a factor too 🙂

Our lunch fest didn’t last long (so, I wasn’t the only famished one!) and they took the scenic route back to their pad just to share some of the beautiful residence around Prahran.

Ok, this would be a definite re-visit task on my list but right now, I could use a refreshing shower and change out of my grubby travel clothes.

Go! Go! Go! 🙂


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